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Destiny 2: Forsaken Expansion Pack Review

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Destiny 2: Forsaken Expansion Pack Review

More on Content and Final Thoughts

The abundance of content combined with this new item system brings Destiny 2’s replay-ability higher than it has even been. For the first Destiny title, the Taken King DLC was the third to launch for the game. It was also the best, bringing a large amount of content with an entertaining story on top of a solid gameplay mechanics base. Here, you can call Forsaken the “Taken King” of Destiny 2. Even then, Forsaken somehow brings even more than Taken King brought to Destiny.

Imagine if you are playing a game whose mechanics were stale or broken, and the only thing that the DLC offered you were more locations in which to use those stale mechanics. Having more content to employ stale mechanics on is simply not going to draw or keep anyone. Destiny 2 splashed when it launched but had trouble keeping fans on-board. Sadly, the first DLC, Curse of Osiris, further emphasized points about Destiny 2’s gameplay that drove players away. On top of that, the Curse of Osiris’ story and content felt short.

Before and during the next Destiny 2 DLC, Warmind, Bungie continued to tweak and update the game’s core for the better. On top of that, Warmind brought more content and a more entertaining story than its predecessor did. It was definitely a step in the right direction, but not the leap that Destiny 2 truly needed at the time. For the first time in a long time, I am seeing players on my friends list who dropped off of Destiny 2 come back to the game because of Forsaken. Whether it is too soon to say this or not, Forsaken is doing a great job at keeping them back in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is the expansion pack to have if you want to play Destiny 2. It is the DLC that is bound to revive Destiny 2’s community, as it directly addresses what players wanted. Destiny players did not want a 100% different game in Destiny 2. They wanted the core that first Destiny game had become over time, but with much more added on top of it, and nothing taken away. The three key points regarding PVP, weapon tiers, and random drops were all aspects that were eventually present in the first Destiny game, but were all left out of or done differently in Destiny 2.

On top of how good Forsaken is, Gambit is a completely new mode that does an excellent job at marrying players who played either PVP or PVE exclusively. We loved what we saw when we played it as much as we did at E3, so you can always click here to check out our Gambit impressions. Beyond that, Forsaken is the largest and quite possibly the best expansion drop in the Destiny franchise. If you are looking reasons to go back to or to continue playing Destiny 2, you have them in buckets.

Definitely check out Destiny 2: Forsaken for yourself here.


†Destiny 2: Forsaken Expansion Pack DLC and non-watermarked screenshots provided by Activision PR.