G4 Pulls the Plug on AOTS and X-Play

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G4 Pulls the Plug on AOTS and X-Play

After seven-plus years of airing and over two thousand episodes combined, G4 has officially announced cancellation of two of their most beloved and longest running shows. Both Attack of the Show and X-Play are scheduled to be pulled from G4’s programming by the end of the year. G4 has stated in their announcement that both shows will continue to air original episodes until their finales but with rotating hosts until the shows’ finales.

There is currently no word on when the last date of the airing will take place but TV Guide has confirmed that production will last until December.

Rumors regarding G4’s downfall had been exchanged amongst the gaming community for a few months now everĀ  since Adam Sessler’s and Kevin Pereira’s departures earlier this year. Having one of the editors-in-chief for X-Play vanish from the show without an official statement or farewell was extremely unsettling for most fans but their suspensions only grew as the year went on. For many, it was just a matter of time before the channel would finally commit suicide.

Variety revealed the possible truth last month as they exposed NBCU’s rebranding in an attempt to appeal more to modern males. More rumors began spreading about the possibilities of G4 dropping their gaming programing in order to make room for more Spike-like shows. Anyone who has paid any attention to the channel in the passing handful of years would have noticed the changes already subtly taking place.

Most of this remains in speculation, however. G4’s statement does not give any real clarification behind the cancellations but we shall keep you informed as the story progresses.

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