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First Impressions – Zumba Fitness Rush (360)

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First Impressions – Zumba Fitness Rush (360)

It’s simply easy to see that I am more than a little addicted to Kinect titles. The Kinect isn’t  a novelty to me. It’s definitely a new way for me to interact with games in a way that used be thought of as impossible. With “your body as the controller,” you can easily immerse yourself in whole new genre that you would have been scared to attempt on your own. Sometimes dancing or even working out is just simply better and more effective from the comfort of your own home.

It’s easy to just pawn off the Kinect as gimicky:

“Oh, it makes my arms hurt why do this when I can easily play with the controller…”
“Why do I have to scream at it like a dummy? This is just plain silly!”

And while some Kinect functionality might be considered gimmicky, it’s through recent titles like Twister Mania, Dance Central 2 and the newly released Zumba Fitness Rush that are able to tap into the uniqueness of the Kinect and bring us that an immersive experience that we are constantly searching for.

So, before I go any further, why not check out this quick video on some of the gameplay. It features some Zumba instructors going through a routine in Zumba Fitness Rush.

While most brush this off as another dance game, it’s hard to just turn a blind eye to Zumba Fitness Rush. There are many more dance styles available which ends up meaning that there’s a lot more than just hip-hop styles at your disposal. All of the dance routines are designed to give you a personalized workout that’s similar to a typical workout you would get by going to an actual Zumba class. All the songs are incredibly upbeat to keep you moving and feature actual routines from real Zumba instructors.

Additionally, it’s refreshing to see things like the score and those pesky red outlines that usually mean you’re doing the move incorrectly simply abolished from the screen while you play. It’s typically distracting and more often annoying to see scores when you’re playing. Removing these simple distractions opens up the player to focus on the music and get into the rhythm of the game like the dancers in the video above.

Even though people might move this title to the back burner, I definitely feel that Zumba Fitness Rush is an awesome title for anyone looking for an inexpensive fitness routine. From the privacy of your own home you’ll be able to dance your way through various dance styles with many Zumba instructors available at your fingertips.

Stay tuned for a more in depth review when I pick up the game later on this week…

Publisher: Majesco Entertainment | Developer: Zoë Mode | Platform: Kinect for Xbox 360 | Genre: Dance/Fitness
Release Date: February 13, 2012  | Price / Rating: $49.99 / E10+ |  For more details, please visit: