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“Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two” – Epic Fail

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“Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two” – Epic Fail

There are many sides to Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two…and thats where it fails. Its a co-op game. Its a musical. Its a platformer. Its for the Disney-enthusist. In the end its just too much.

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Epic Mickey 2 returns once again to the Wasteland, home to rejected or long forgotten cartoons of Disney’s back log. Plagued by earthquakes, Mickey Mouse is summoned to help restore it and find out what caused the disaster. He returns again with his magic brush that shoots paint or thinner, while his companion, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, carries a remote control that harnesses electricity. For all intents and purposes Oswald may seem like a helpful addition to the game, but ultimately he is a useless AI.

For all its ambition, Epic Mickey 2 has failed to get some very basic features right. While simplistic minute-to-minute gameplay is forgivable since it is a kid’s game, Mickey’s central objectives eventually grow repetitive and tiresome. The tiresome tread of reviving dead machines over the course of 20 hours is even worse when audio cues remind you of your task-at-hand in a never-ending loop.  It’s a shame because Disney has so much history to use in this game, yet a player spends their time collecting missing pumps and inserting batteries into sockets leaving you yearning for something more.

It seems like the developers just added on to the problems of its predecessor, and did not bother to fix them. One of the most frustrating is the return of that terrible camera. You can manually manipulate Epic Mickey 2’s camera, but it always wants to return to a position that sits too low. This problem is at its worst when trying to pull focus in battle, and bosses, who constantly tower over Mickey and Oswald, and  take awhile to defeat.

Overall, Epic Mickey 2 is visually a beautiful game, but that is about all it has to offer. It simply left too much to be desired. Even though it moved from the Wii to the PS3, it comes off as a rushed effort at a sequel.  As a Disney fan, I really wanted to love this game, but sadly I just can’t.