E3 Editor’s Choice: “Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective”

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E3 Editor’s Choice: “Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective”

Needless to say, the Capcom booth was packed. Since I can remember, everyone loves a good fighting game and of course what had everyone gawking at theCapcom booth was “Marvel vs Capcom 3”. I, on the other hand, was captivated by this little known Nintendo DS game: “Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective”.

From the beginning, you’re a corpse trying to unravel the mystery of your own death. You’ve lost your memory but has discovered some new supernatural abilities that you must use to manipulate inanimate objects around you to help you alter fate. In order to do that, you’ll have to bounce your spirit through inanimate objects to trigger specific events like dropping a 50 ton weight on a person holding a gun.

The spirit bouncing puzzles were extremely fun. The game sort of leaded you towards what the right path will be but that could just be because this was an E3 build. Believe me, the game kept reminding me that it was an E3 demo.

It was quirky fun. Unravelling the mystery of what happened to me in the game was enthralling. I hated that the demo was over. But of course, when the game was over I quickly realized that this was just an E3 demo, there was no success dialogue. Just a bunch of blank dialogue bubbles. What a bummer!

But this is definitely worth picking up when it hits stores later this year!