E3 Editor’s Choice: “Epic Mickey”

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E3 Editor’s Choice: “Epic Mickey”

Unlike my far cooler colleague, GamerGal, I couldn’t go to E3 and had to sit at home and feverishly follow tweets and my normal 10 million websites to scratch together all the news out there. While I feverishly wait for the New Zelda, Kirby, and Donkey Kong, nothing on the Wii has got me more excited then Junction Point and Disney’s Epic Mickey.

The story sounds like the kind of thing Walt Disney himself would pen if he was making a modern video game. Mickey sneaks into Yen Sid’s (the wizard from Fantasia) office/library and discovers a small model world. The mischievous Mickey decides to play with the models, carelessly painting and fooling around. Hearing Yen Sid returning, Mickey panics and accidentally creates a monster from the magic paint and he runs away in fear.

The model set Mickey was playing with is actually known as the Wasteland, the place where retired, rejected and forgotten ideas go to live out their days in peace. Mickey’s meddling actually destroys this place filling it with monsters known as the Blot forcing Oswald the Luck Rabbit and other forgotten Disney characters to defend themselves in a huge war. Unaware of the damage he has done, Mickey gets pulled into the world through a mirror so that the Blot can steal Mickey’s heart so they can escape the Wasteland. Mickey quickly escapes to discover that he is the cause of all this harm and he has to make it right so all his friends from the past can live happily ever after again.

Masterminded by Warren Spector, Epic Mickey is an action platformer RPG heavily inspired by Nintendo’s own Legend of Zelda, with some Mario Platforming and sidescrolling acting as connective tissue between missions. Epic Mickey’s twist on Nintendo’s formula is in Mickey’s ability to control “the substance of his being,” paint and turpentine. At any point you can use paint to create and restore the world or turpentine to erase threats or obstacle in your way. How you use those powers and who you choose to help has lasting effects on the world an its people and will change how the story developes unlike anything we have ever seen in an action game.

I’m really excited to see a Wii title get this kind of care and polish. It has been over 5 years since Warren Spector has put out a new title, and hearing him talk about the project, I don’t doubt for a second that this game is very close and personal to his heart.  If the man who invented the FPS-RPG and Action Stealth games is this proud of Epic Mickey, It’s definatly something worth getting excited about.

Epic Mickey is coming out for the Wii this Holiday season.