E3 2016: LucidSound Showcases the New LS20 and LS40 Gaming Headsets

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E3 2016: LucidSound Showcases the New LS20 and LS40 Gaming Headsets



After our sparkling review of the LS30 Gaming Headset, we couldn’t wait to see what LucidSound had in store for announcements at E3 2016. LucidSound, the company started by the founders of Tritton, showcased their latest additions to their gaming headset line-up in the form of the LS20 and LS40. Aiming to offer multi-tiered price points to gamers, the LS20 and LS40 effectively make the impressive LS30 into the mid-tier of the line-up. The LS30 definitely doesn’t come across as a mid-tier headset, so expectations are high. Let’s dive into what sets the LS20 and LS40 apart from the LS30.


LS40 Wireless Surround Universal Gaming Headset


Take everything that we loved with the LS30, its 50mm drivers, and its already impressive sound presentation and upgrade the audio even further with DTS Headphone: X. The LS40 comes ready to bring you 7.1 surround sound in two selectable surround sound modes: movie and gaming. Should you rather stick with a stereo presentation, you have choices here as well in the form of three stereo modes: regular, wide, and gaming. The LS40 even gives the user feedback an upgrade, replacing the LS30’s mode-indicating beeps with actual spoken word, telling you which mode you’re set to.

If haven’t checked out our LS30 review yet, I can tell you that one of the many successes of LS30 was in its ear cup controls. Whether it be the PS4 or the Xbox One, the LS30 gave you intuitive ear cup controls, on the headset itself, that allowed you to control the individual volumes and muting of both incoming game and chat audio. The LS40 continues to give you that level of intuitive control and expands it even further to mobile devices. Now, instead of messing around with in-line wire controls for browsing your phone’s music tracks, you can use the LS40’s ear cup buttons and dials for a more sensible media and mobile phone control experience. This includes the ability to handle calls or activate Siri or the Google assistant.

Now you can get an “even better” LS30 in the form of the LS40 for just $50 more. At $199, the LS40 can be yours as soon as September 2016, with pre orders opening up soon.


LS20 Amplified Universal Gaming Headset


If you’re looking for a more modest price-point than the LS40’s $199 or even the LS30’s $150, then the LS20 may be able to give you what you want without having to significantly dip in audio quality. The LS20 is a wired stereo headset that houses a rechargeable battery for amplifying incoming sound when powered on. Like the LS30 and LS40, it too can be used in whether its powered on or powered off. The LS20 comes in at a modest $99 and has a much smaller form factor than its LS30 and LS40 brethren. However, the LS20 still gives you the same intuitive ear cup game and mobile device controls seen in both the LS30 and now the new LS40.

Now LucidSound gives you a $99 gaming headset option with an even smaller footprint for the casual music listener on the go that wants to appear even more inconspicuous. If an on-ear headset is your preference for gaming or listening on the go, then the LS20 may be the headset you want to keep in your crosshairs. The LS20 will also be shipping in September 2016.

LucidSound did an awesome job with their $150 LS30 unit. Now they give gamers different quality and pricing options by giving or taking just 50 bucks. With each headset more or less giving you the same intuitive ear cup controls, and LucidSound setting a bar with their LS30, both the LS20 and LS40 is definitely worth tracking on the coming weeks. Keep an eye out on Amazon.com or LucidSound.com for when those pre-orders start!