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Dragon Ball FighterZ – Game Review

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Dragon Ball FighterZ – Game Review

Other Modes and Final Thoughts

The way the game presents its various mode selections is pretty cool. When you start the game and establish your avatar’s name and what-not, you are placed in an online lobby. There, you can see other live players roaming about looking for the next thing to do. Think of it as a sort of interactive menu where you see other people browsing the same menu. You can walk to the vendors that command each of the game’s modes: Story Mode, Arcade Mode, Local Play, Training, Causal and Ranked PVP, and Arena.

On the fly, you can even set up Ring Arenas where you can welcome in participants for round-robin matches. You can even spectate other matches if that’s what you want to do.

Throughout the various modes of the game you earn zeni, the in-game currency, which can be used at the lobby’s plaza store. The store acts as pachinko machine of sorts where you can randomly unlock lobby avatars, name plates, titles and other cosmetic items. Also, you can still play in Offline Mode, which will have all of the above modes except for the obvious online ones.

Going deeper into the online modes, I actually liked the execution of the game’s pvp modes, both casual and ranked. When you’re in the ranked match waiting queue, you can still roam the lobby and mess around in the store or with other players. The game will tell you when a match is ready and will show you your connection with your to-be opponent. If both sides are comfortable with the connection then you’re off to battle. Losers of a battle can request a single rematch where both sides must agree, if they want.

Throughout any online match, the frame delay is displayed on top. This can be handy in your laggy-er matches as you can use this to adjust your input timing to compensate with the fight’s lag. I mean, lag is always bad but it doesn’t hurt to have somewhat concise metrics on your connection midway, no?

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a solid 3v3 tag fighter that snags the stage from the Marvel vs Capcom franchise. The game looks awesome, sounds great, plays very well, and excels with its fan service. It’s a great pick-up-and-play game that’s complete with base game and character combo tutorials if you want to get a little more serious with your fighting. Putting some of the “busy work” stages aside, the Story Mode is still satisfying and should keep you occupied for some time. And seeing how accessible the game is, Dragon Ball FighterZ is bound to have plenty of replay value if its DLC is executed well.

If you’re a fan of fighting games, Dragon Ball Z, or Dragon Ball Super, this game is a must have for you.



† Review copy of Dragon Ball FighterZ and non-watermarked screenshots provided by Bandai Namco PR.