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Dragon Ball FighterZ – Game Review

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Dragon Ball FighterZ – Game Review

Fighting Engine – Continued

If you’re looking for a Dragon Ball fighting game that is devoid of 3D flying while maintaining a fast pace, you have it here. Dragon Ball FighterZ’s fighting engine is a very exaggerated rock-paper-scissors match where the loser of an exchange can be subject to very lengthy punishments. Those auto-combos allow newcomers to at enjoy combo’ing an unblocking opponent, while having a combo attempt blocked can lead to punishment itself. Dragon Rushes beats blockers while any attack can interrupt an incoming Dragon Rush. Energy attacks are great for pecking at far away opponents but dashing and rear attacks punish projectile spammers. Punishments can be severe in this game as a simple jab can open the door to a 20+ hit combo, which may or may not involve a bevy of supers.

This is a fighting engine that is easy to get into and does a good job at stopping endless combos, at least in theory. Teammates that are swapped out or that are called in to assist have to wait a semi short amount of time before they can be used again in any of the manners listed before. So you shouldn’t have fights that are riddled with the spamming of support call-ins. When you’re linking supers, despite how many full bars you have available, you can only link in two more supers thanks to that support cool-down. And when you swap in a teammate mid combo, any remaining teammate immediately has to deal with their own cool-down timer.

Intermediate players and beyond will master combo cancels, taking the combos that the game spoon feeds you, and to interrupt or link them with attacks that lead to higher than standard damage. Against such players you’ll find yourself will little chance to think as any open gap leads to, you guessed it, more combos. With how exaggerated attacks and combos are in Dragon Ball Fighter Z, I’m surprised there’s even a timer bar up there. I cannot imagine a scenario where even the worst or best of players would actually last out the clock before getting KO’d.

All in all, this fighting engine was carefully considered and it shows. It allows for a pace of gameplay that respects the speed of the fights from Dragon Ball FighterZ’s source material. And if you can achieve fast gameplay with no foreseeable exploits, then you have yourself a fun fighting game. The fighting engine is definitely solid and engaging, which is perfect for a pick-up-and-play title like this.

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