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Double Dragon IV (PS4 and Steam) Review

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Double Dragon IV (PS4 and Steam) Review

Other Modes, Replay Value and Final Thoughts

By beating the Story Mode, you unlock the Tower Mode. In Tower Mode, you fight through floors and floors of enemies, seeing how far you can get on a single life. As you expect, the higher the floor, the more exclusive and difficult the enemies. Here, you’ll find and fight enemies that were not only absent in the Story Mode, but are actually from other Double Dragon games. All of a sudden the Tower Mode started gaining some appeal, challenging you to climb higher and higher to discover more cameo challengers.

Once you finish a run in Tower Mode, whether you lose or what-have-you, you unlock every person you defeated for play in any of Double Dragon IV’s modes. Just like that, the game gains new life. Being a child of the 80’s, I just couldn’t wait to give the Story Mode a dose of its own medicine. I quickly chose the infamous Double Dragon bad guy, Abobo, and proceeded to charge through the game like a mad man, tackling and tossing people around like rag dolls. It then triggered me to go back into the Tower Mode with all sorts of new characters, seeing how far I can climb and what new (or old) characters I can unlock.

Have a friend to play with or against? Take your newly found bucket o’ characters into 2P Duel Mode and fight your friends using anyone you’ve unlocked. On PC/Steam, both players have to be local to play any of the modes together. However, when playing on the PS4, you can play with others online even if they don’t have the game by using PS4’s Share Play functionality.

At $6.99, Double Dragon IV is definitely a title I’d suggest to anyone who has played any of the “original” Double Dragon games in their youth or anyone with an appreciation for retro games. The game does takes a little while to show its true value. You have to beat the Story Mode before you can discover the game’s actual replay value. Even then, unless you knew that you could skip to previously completed stages, the Story Mode has the chance to turn you off to it if you didn’t make it far in your initial play-throughs.

However, once you discover the sandbox that is playing the game with any existing or hidden characters, this $6.99 beat-em-up more than validates its very approachable price point. Newer (aka younger) generations of gamers may overlook this title for its generally older look and slower pace than the beat-em-up games of today. However, this game was made as a celebration of the classics and Double Dragon’s 30-year anniversary, and it does a great job at that. It’s a fine pick-up-and-play title with just the right amount of reply value that uses very few PC resources and doesn’t break the bank.

Definitely check out Double Dragon IV for Playstation 4 and Steam for yourself here, as well as at Steam and PS4 marketplaces!

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