SteelSeries Unveils Rival 700 Customizable Gaming Mouse at #CES2016

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SteelSeries Unveils Rival 700 Customizable Gaming Mouse at #CES2016


Are you in the market for a new gaming mouse? With the market as saturated as it is, it’s actually exciting to see what the big gaming manufactuers come up with in efforts to stand out in the crowd. SteelSeries is no exception in this regard. Their Rival 300 gaming mouse is a big seller for them, housing a variety of customization options while hitting a modest $60 price point. We sure liked was we saw in our review of it as seen here. SteelSeries sought to take their popular design even further with their CES 2016 reveal, the SteelSeries Rival 700. What’s different with the Rival 700? Let’s go into what we saw at CES.

The Rival 700 strips nothing away from what was seen in its predecessors. It has the same right-handed hump shape, friendly to both palm and claw grips alike. You still have SteelSeries Engine support and 7 programmable buttons, with two on the left side surrounded by a rubberized grip. Main buttons house SteelSeries’ own homemade switches, touting a 30 million click lifespan. Speaking of “stripping away”, SteelSeries endeavored to ensure that didn’t happen too easily with the newly developed rubberized grip found on the Rival 700. SteelSeries kept their ears to the ground to collect details for combating the wearing-away that many of their heavier users reported on social media.


Of course it doesn’t stop with just updated gripping. If you love software customization of LED’s, DPI settings, and other software tweaks, then you’re going to love the set of hardware customizations open to you with the new Rival 700. Palm rests of different materials and coatings can be purchased and swapped out. The Rival 700 comes with a zero hardware acceleration optical sensor that’s configurable up to 16,000 CPI in resolution. However, you can even opt to swap the Rival 700’s optical sensor out for a laser sensor. Simply buy the laser sensor and spend barely a handful of minutes to unscrew one sensor and screw in the other.

We’re still not done with the swappable components. The Rival 700 comes with both a 3ft rubberized cable and a 6ft braided cable that be swapped as needed. Also just like with the previous Rival mice, that Rival name plate on the back of the mouse can be swapped out with gamer created ones.

Even newer with the Rival 700 are the tactile alerts and LED display along the left side. The tactile alerts can be used like the rumble effects on gaming controllers. Should the game support it, the Rival could give slight vibrations when shooting, taking hits in game, or to provide other kinds of feedback.


Feeling crafty? SteelSeries’ new LED display on the Rival 700 gives gamers the option to create and load all kinds of images or gifs to display. Have a fancy emblem, or maybe want to show some in-game stat? The new LED side display brings yet even more customization to the newest in SteelSeriesRival gaming mouse line.

We got it try the mouse out ourselves with CounterStrike Go at the SteelSeries suite. The Rival 700 provided subtle light rumbles when we took damage. The feedback was strong enough to grab attention yet not too strong as to mess with aiming. Off the bat, we could see this being handy in pretty much any first person shooter. The Rival 700 is coming your way in Spring 2016 as well as the optional sensors and back plates. Feel free to look more into the Rival 700 for yourself here. We like what we saw so far so we sure will be keeping tabs on the Rival 700, ourselves!

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