Castle Crashers Invade Steam

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Castle Crashers Invade Steam

After their huge success on the XBox360 and PlayStation 3, the beloved brawler – Castle Crashers – is stumbling its way towards a new battlefield. The knights are armed with some new features and are ready to win the hearts of gamers all over again.

The Steam version of Castle Crashers will share a few features like its console brethren. Both local and online multiplayer will be incorporated and it will support gamepads. The core gameplay will remain the same meaning no new levels, characters, weapons, or maps for the arena mode will be added. (At least to my current knowledge.) However, it will include integrated voice chatting and Steam Cloud support.

Behemoth has not yet announced a release date or price though it is safe to assume it will match the current XBox Live Arcade/PSN prices. They have announced that the Steam version will debut at PAX Prime at the end of the month.

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