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Big Buck Hunter in Your Home! Sure Shot HD Console Review

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Big Buck Hunter in Your Home! Sure Shot HD Console Review

Ever played Big Buck Hunter Pro in an arcade, pool hall, or your local pub? You probably got elbowed by passers-by or played with the one gun that wasn’t properly calibrated. It would be great if you could just play Big Buck Hunter Pro in your house, without having to make space for a full arcade cabinet. Well Sure Shot HD has you covered, bringing Big Buck Hunter Pro to your house and practically taking up no space at all. Sure Shot HD is a miniature home console that includes a wireless gun controller that turns your TV into a virtual shooting gallery. Better yet, the Sure Shot HD console even comes with the complete Big Buck Hunter Pro game installed! Let’s take a look at the Sure Shot HD home console.

Set-up and Handling

The basic console set comes with everything you need to start playing in minutes: a Bluetooth Wireless Gun Controller, the Sure Shot HD console and sensor, a power to USB cable, an HDMI cable, and some adhesive Velcro stickers for additional console mounting options. The console needs to be at the center of your TV, either below it at its base or mounted on top. The power cable to USB can be connected to the back of your TV for power, but it needs to have at least 2.0 AMPS of power to properly power the system. The HDMI cable goes from the console to the TV.

Plop in three AAA batteries into the gun controller, press any button on the gun, and the system turns right on. The system can take a couple of minutes to boot up, after which you are tossed into the gun calibration process. You’re directed to shoot the corners of the screen so that the sensor can learn your television’s placements and dimensions. You’re then brought into the home screen, where you can either set up Sure Shot HD’s connection to your home wifi or simply start up a game.

Set up is very easy with the Sure Shot HD. The placement and mounting of the Sure Shot is as easy as your home setup allows. Since the console itself is so small and light, the optional Velcro stickers were more than enough to hold the unit steady on top of the TV. We ended up simply placing the unit at the base of the TV, which worked just as well. The power cord could have been a little longer but that wasn’t much of a deal. As far as setting up user accounts or wifi on the Sure Shot HD goes, the interface was straight-forward, with you using the gun to shoot keys on a keyboard.

The Sure Shot HD gun controller itself is pretty nice. The stock attachment is optional, which is great if you want to play games where using a pistol made more sense. You’ll still probably want to use two hands for stability since the gun is front-heavy. The gun controller feels nice, with a nice tactile click feel to the trigger and the pump. The sights on the gun are pretty accurate, once calibrated. If you calibrated the gun accurately while looking down the sights, then you’ll have no problem hitting those deeper/farther targets.