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Battlefield 3 Beta Sneak Peek

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Battlefield 3 Beta Sneak Peek

One of the most anticipated and talked about games for 2011 is no doubt Battlefield 3.  The beta goes live for the world on September 29th, but for cool people like myself, as well as people who bought last year’s Medal of Honor, who may themselves also be cool people, get to dive into the game early. For the rest of the world, this preview of the beta will have to do.

The beta build features the Operation Metro Rush map where players are tasked to attack/defend 2 advancing points through a city park, underground subway and  into the city streets to the target objective. Like the Bad Company games, the attackers in rush mode have limited respawn tickets that resets when two objectives have been taken, and the defenders have infinite respawn tickets that requires them to outlast their attackers and prevent them from taking a point and advancing. Many people will no doubt be disappointment to learn that the beta does not include a deathmatch, hardcore mode or any vehicles to drive, so those who were hoping to fly a fighter jet in multiplayer will have to wait a bit longer.

Like many other betas, this game does suffer from some bugs and issues (which is kinda part of the beta experience). The most common issues I found on the Xbox 360 version are some clipping issues when in the prone position, strange lighting quirks outdoors, and some unstable connections that cause your character to backpedal and have trouble jumping over cover and hurdles. They don’t really hurt the game’s overall feel, but they’re there and it can be frustrating when they manifest and cost you a kill.  It’s a good thing then that your stats in the beta will not carry over to the final game.

Another thing returning from the Bad Company games is environmental damage, both cosmetic and dramatic. This damage system works in the games favor on a number of levels, It creates satisfying feedback when you fire your weapons, create a the opportunity for strategic destruction, and generates a sense of mayhem and chaos on the battlefield that changes the face of the level as the game progresses. This mechanic is unmatched by rival games like Call of Duty and is the most obvious feature in the beta that sets this game apart from the rest.

So the big question will no doubt be, “Does this beta tell me why I should or shouldn’t choose Battlefield 3 over Call of Duty MW3?” and for those people, I really don’t have an answer.   This is very clearly an unfinished game, and a public beta like this usually represents the most stable build of the game, never the latest or most recent, this can mean that you could be playing a version of the Battlefield 3 that can be as much as 2 or 3 months old.  Try the game for yourself and decide, it’s a lot of fun regardless. The Battlefield 3 beta goes live to the public September 29th and ends October 10th.

Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC | Publisher: EA | Developer: DICE | Category: Shooter
Release Date: October 25, 2011