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BandFuse: Rock LegendsYou are not Jimi Hendrix….

…but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock out like the legend! The latest installment of the amazing Bandfuse allows you to emulate some of your favorite guitar and bass legends.  Included in the first set of Bandfuse DLC you will learn to shred like Mr. Hendrix himself, but that’s not all folks!  You’ll also get a little Dimebag Darrell action with one of Pentara’s greatest hit; “Cowboys from Hell”.  Several fan favorites are included in this content package including some sleeper tunes I wouldn’t expect to see and even be into playing…until I started playing and realized how bad ass these songs actually are!

The full list of downloadable songs are…


Jimi Hendrix  “Fire”

Jimi Hendrix  “Love or Confusion”

Blues Traveler  “Run-Around”

Boston “Foreplay/Long Time”

Filter “Hey Man, Nice Shot”

Incubus  “Pardon Me”

Lynyrd Skynyrd “Simple Man”

The Offspring “All I Want”

Pantera “Cowboys From Hell”

Yes “Roundabout”


And might I add that I was a complete novice before I started playing Bandfuse..and now I think it is safe to say that I am now one of the best musicians of this generation.  Interested in starting a band?  Let me know!  Keep yourself up to date with all of the Bandfuse happenings over at their official page, and while you’re over there you should enter into one of their amazing contests!  Until next time, keep your nose clean!