Astro A10 Headset Review

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Astro A10 Headset Review

When it comes to gaming headsets one name always jumps out as the leader and that’s Astro.  In an effort to deliver a great headset to the masses, Astro has come out with the much more affordable Astro A10’s. 

Astro has a long, proven track record of producing the best gaming headsets and the Astro A10 is no different.  This budget friendly headset still provides what a lot of other brand’s “high-end” headsets boast, but without that large price tag.

Keeping in line with Astro’s high-end feel, the A10’s do not fall short in the construction.  An incredibly durable headband that I think will be able to take its fair share of wear and tear.  I really put it through the ringer and there is little distortion to show from him which cannot be said for many other “budget friendly” styles.  Large memory foam ear cups sit nicely on your ears.  While I prefer an over the ear style headset, I really didn’t mind the on-ear style the Astro A10’s have.  They aren’t tight where you give off a sigh of relief when you take them off like other headsets, but they are designed nicely to sit on your ears without moving.  Typically, it’s a one or the other situation and fortunately for us, the A10’s sat perfectly on my dome-piece.

The Astro A10’s are built with two 40mm drivers providing a nice, warm sound.  This is a typical size for gaming headsets which provide the proper sound, at the proper size.  The Astro A10’s are stereo headphones and this is important to know.  With most Astro headsets of today, you’ll be experiencing 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound which is amazing.  They also will run you an additional $100+ dollars when purchasing them.  Because of the cost of the Astro A10’s, you are going to have stereo sound. And, if you are gaming on a budget, a new gamer and maybe you want to try out your first pair of Astro’s ,the A10’s will be perfect for you.

You cannot contend with the compatibility of the Astro A10’s.  Regardless of what major gaming system you play on, these will work for you.  I’m typically an Xbox One player, which is what I originally tested this headset on and it worked flawlessly with the Xbox One mixamp – which is necessary for the older style of controllers.  Once I got my fair share of console gaming, I brought them over to the PC to give them a whirl.  Just as seamlessly, I plugged these bad boys into my PC and boom…versatility!  Nobody in my crew complained about any outside noise or noise distortion, which is always great to hear.  The Astro A10 also has the ability to mute your microphone by simply flipping it up, which is perfect when you need to yell across the house for someone to bring you another Surge or Jolt Cola.

Overall, you will not be disappointed with this headset, especially because it’ll cost you less than $60.  Yes, you read that right.  You can get an Astro Headset for a mere $59.99 directly from Astro by clicking here.    Know someone that’s new to gaming that’s trying to up their game? Then the Astro A10’s are a perfect gift for them.  Keep that in mind as we enter the Holiday Season.