Across the Pond: The Future of Sherlock and Doctor Who

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Across the Pond: The Future of Sherlock and Doctor Who


When it comes to things that entertain most nerds and geeks, BBC’s Doctor Who and Sherlock go hand in hand. There has been quite a bit buzz popping up across the pond as of recent with these two series.

BBC released their teaser trailer for the Doctor Who series 7 part 2 which will begin airing again on March 30. The Bells of Saint John, is due to take placing on modern day Earth with something living inside of wi-fi signals that has been harvesting people’s minds. Not only has the Doctor picked up on the strange signals that are covering the planet, but the mystery of Clara deepens has he tries to figure out more about her. The premiss of the episode seems to be to breath a bit of fear into us with things that surround us. “If something did get in Wi-Fi, we’d be kind of screwed,’ Steven Moffat told Doctor Who Magazine. ‘It’s time to make kids frightened of Wi-Fi!”

The Bells of Saint John is the first of the seven new episodes that will make up the remaining half of series 7. Two of which will be written by Moffat and two by Mark Gatiss.

When not writing for Doctor Who, the dastardly duo is writing for Sherlock. Filming for series 3 has begun. For those who follow us, we told you last year that the three teaser words for the new series were rat, wedding, and bow. The title for the first of the three episodes was revealed in celebration: The Empty Hearse. Let the speculations begin!