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A Car Enthusiast’s Dream – Forza Motorsport 4 Review

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A Car Enthusiast’s Dream – Forza Motorsport 4 Review

While I have absolutely no idea how to actually drive a car in real life, I’m kind of grateful for “Forza Motorsport 4”. While in the past, I must admit, I used to be pretty damn good at “Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition” on the PSP; “Forza Motorsport 4” welcomed me into a whole new world of racing. A world where I could take the time to explore, learn about the cars, and even take a few laps in the ravishing worldwide race tracks.


…Let’s start off with the graphics.

This game is freaking gorgeous! It was extremely easy to get sucked into the beautiful scenery and extremely detailed cars. I’m trying really hard to think of a game that I was so in love with the graphics prior to Forza Motorsport 4 but none come to mind. I bet someone will instantly try to compare this game to Grand Turismo but since I haven’t played it (waits for the gasps), I honestly can’t do an apples to apples comparison. I know, I know. I just lost some review experience points with that last admission. But hopefully you guys will be able to forgive me.

But like I was saying, the graphics in Forza Motorsport 4 are amazing and it’s safe to say that I wasn’t able to notice any gaps in graphics while playing. Even while playing multiplayer. Don’t know what I’m referring to, well it’s those anomalies that occur some times when playing through a game. Portions of the game that appear to be omitted that are often distracting and deter from the overall gameplay because your focus is drawn away from the game.


…Now onto the Kinect Support.

What caught my eye instantly was the fact that there was Kinect support and you guys know it’s been awhile since my last Kinect related review!

So, I dusted off the Kinect and gave the game a spin. However, I seriously don’t know who would play Forza Motorsport 4 on the Kinect for longer than 15 minutes. While with the Kinect, you can walk and explore through Autovista’s interactive showroom, race, or just drive a few scenic laps in the car of your dreams; after one race, my arms were begging to stop. And yes, let me just tell you, it did feel weird to race while holding on to thin air. Additionally, my Kinect kept complaining that it wasn’t tracking me even though I was just standing there with my arms held out perfectly still. But it was comforting that after a little while, I was able to get the hang of things and eventually begin to enjoy myself while racing with the Kinect. The only major problem was the tiredness in my arms. While it probably wouldn’t be as bad if I was playing the game while sitting down, it is easy to see how maybe playing one race a day would improve my upper arm strength but let’s be honest. I’m lazy. Extremely lazy. So, while the novelty of racing with the Kinect appears interesting, I probably won’t be using the Kinect to play Forza Motorsport 4 very often.


…Let’s talk racing


I played through a lot of the career mode and it was pretty straightforward: You race around a closed course while trying to do your best to win the race while collecting experience points along the way. Leveling up yourself and the car you raced with. The most interesting part is if you mess up, there’s a nifty little rewind button you can press to go back and try to do that section over. Go as far back as you need to, to regain your lead if you happened to lose it or even just retry that tricky turn that might cause you to lose that time lead you had going.

The online multiplayer is equally as interesting.

With online and offline modes, racers are able to play head to head with other players worldwide or setup offline challenges to send to friends. In addition to the head to head racing, there are also a bunch of offline challenges in Forza Motorsport 4‘s “Rivals Mode”. This mode is a personal favorite! In “Rivals Mode”, you try to beat a ‘rivals’ best time on a particular race track whether or not they happen to be online. The cool part is that as you race, you are able to see your rival racing along with you. What makes this particularly interesting is the fact that while you are racing against someone that may be offline, it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like you are in a regular online multiplayer match. It’s seamless and I absolutely love it! Kudos!


…The car selection

As you can expect, there’s an exhaustive list of cars at your disposal. Additionally, as stated earlier, with the Kinect you can check them out. Sit behind the driver’ seat. Open the hood and check out the engine. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the cars through their innovative Kinect Head Tracking. With a simple tilt of your head, you are able to explore all 360 degrees. And with over 80 manufacturers, even the biggest car fanatic would go gaga over the beauty and detail put into each and every car. Something that might be a little lost on little ol’ me.


…The verdict

I’m certain that this is a must have for anyone that appreciates the beauty and sexiness of a well made car. For gamers like myself, that aren’t into that sort of thing, it’s a solid racing game. Even though I truly suck at racing, often coming in dead last in online matches and often taking double the time to finish a race, I can honestly say I did like Forza Motorsport 4. Shocking since my racing experience is very sparse. I did find myself just immersed behind the wheel, imagining I was in the scenic race track, trying my hardest to come in first in the race. Forza Motorsport 4’s ability to immerse even the most novice player and still be just as accessible is a definite plus.

So, for that it’s a definite win for the car lover and the novice. The Kinect portion might be a pass for me however.


Platform: Xbox 360  | Publisher: Microsoft Studios | Developer: Turn 10 Studio  | Category: Racing
Release Date: October 11, 2011 in North America; October 14, 2011 in Europe; October 20, 2011 throughout the rest of the world