The Love and Madness of the company behind Love and Madness

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Love and Madness

Love and Madness

Wandering through the aisles of New York Comic Con was where I first laid eyes upon Love and Madness. It was then that I knew I came across something unique. Something that spoke directly to me. There are many companies releasing female geek accessories but Love and Madness is unlike any of them. There is a subtlety to their jewelry pieces that elevates them above all the other jewelry I own. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Give me a second to introduce you to Love and Madness.

What is Love and Madness?

Love and Madness is a woman owned and operated accessories brand. They collaborate with a variety of brands to create an amazing array of trending accessories. Heather McAvoy, a 15-year fashion industry veteran, founded the company with a determination to make an indelible mark. She recognized that companies with licensed brands would attach major names to ordinary products. They never really took the time to cater and market directly to geek girls.

The geek girls that have an allegiance to their comics. The nostalgic millenial’s attached to memories of their childhood. The girl bosses that need to share those recollections with their pupils and their own kids. Love and Madness would realize these desires. Merging pop culture trends in an exciting and accessible way through product that would be anything but ordinary.†

The Love and Madness Mission

It’s simple. They want to provide geek girls with extraordinary caliber products. The entire brand is created and designed by women for women. They have taken their fashion industry experience and have established collections with notable partners. Love and Madness‘s impressive inaugural collection features pieces inspired by Star Wars, Disney and AMC’s The Walking Dead. Love and Madness is always keeping an eye on what’s on trending and looking forward towards what’s next.

The brand’s empowered female team is steadily plugged in and connected to all things fashion and pop culture. Understanding not only what it means to merge the two, but how to do so in a memorable way. Constantly seeking to evolve product and partnerships [to provide] customers with cutting edge design and quality with every piece.†

Getting the opportunity to chat with the women behind the brand was exhilarating. Their excitement is contagious and their passion is highlighted in every piece. They are truly fans of their own work. It will be exciting to see the growth and evolution of Love and Madness. Hell, it’s only been a few months since the last NYCC and they have already expanded their Star Wars line.

Here’s a peek and what the brand has to offer.

Where to buy?

This is simply a small sampling of what Love and Madness has to offer. If you’re looking to add a few pieces to your jewelry collection from Love and Madness, their official website should be your first stop. Additionally, a little birdie tells me that you can find some pieces at Gamestop.




‡ Products provided by PR. We were not compensated for this post and truly ♥ L&M!