Playstation Showcase Highlights

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Playstation Showcase Highlights

Sony made games the main focus of their showcase, revealing some long awaited projects like the Last Guardian and Final Fantasy VII remastered and some featured 3rd party titles like Call of Duty and Destiny. Sony’s message was clear, if it’s on both systems… buy it on our system. Vita, Indie games and Project Morpheus was barely shown as this show was all about the blockbusters and big hits.


  • The Last Guardian (EXCLUSIVE): Finally making an appearance after many years of silence. The Gameplay trailer closely resembles the original announcement and is set for a 2016 release
  • Horizon Zero Dawn This title takes place in a post modern civilization world. Tribes of humans are all that is left and the machines of the old ones now wander the landscape like futuristic dinosaurs. The game seems to play a bit like a futuristic Monster Hunter.
  • Hitman(Exclusive missions and Beta) a new game from the classic stealth assassination. Players take control Agent 47 once again.
  • Street Fighter V (Playstation Exclusive and PC) The classic fighter comes exclusively to Playstation, new character Birdie was revealed. Beta is coming out as well for just PS4
  • No Man Sky(Playstation Exclusive and PC): Gameplay reveal, Flight controls and space combat look really amazing. The scale of the game was revealed. The game is so big, some worlds will likely never be seen. On foot, the game controls like a first person shooter. No release date announced.
  • Dreams (EXCLUSIVE) The next Media Molecule is attempting a sureal user created dreamscape for players to explore. The game looks like a living painting with a dreamy hazy style. Players can sculpt the game world using only the motion controls but not much was shown in terms of what the game actually plays like
  • Firewatch (Playstation Exclusive and PC) Set in a Wyoming wilderness, players take control of a lookout trying to find two missing girls in this survival mystery
  • Destiny The Taken King The next expansion for the online game. Playstation is getting exclusive armor and multiplayer maps
  • Assassins Creed Syndicate new female character was revealed, no doubt after the massive criticism ubisoft received on their last game
  • World of Final Fantasy (Playstation exclusive) ITS SO CUTE…. reminds me of Dragon Quest Monsters
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake (Play first on Playstaion 4) Finally, what more is there to say.
  • Devolver Digital: Ronin, Eitr, Mother Russia Bleeds, Crossing souls all were announced. If you never heard of them, Devolver makes retro inspired mature games
  • Shenmue 3 the return of the Dreamcast classic launched their Kickstarter on stage.
  • Batman Arkham Knight: the Joker was cremated, they announced some Scarecrow missions exclusive on PS4
  • Call of Duty Black Ops III: It had to show up somewhere. It showed up on Sony’s stage, with timed exclusive DLC and Beta, so I guess that’s different. Oh and it looks a lot like Titanfall now…
  • Disney Infinity 3.o Star Wars toys are coming, Sony is getting a timed exclusive limited edition bundle
  • Star Wars Battlefront Split screen, solo and online support for campaign missions, The game mode show is a wave battle leading to an escape.
  • Uncharted 4 a Theives End (EXCLUSIVE) It’s pretty, It also crashed on stage and was reset. Really impressive crowds and environment destruction followed by an amazing driving sequence.

System Features

  • Project Morpheus Eve Valkyrie, Godling, the Deep and RIGS, and a number of other titles were all shown. Focused on it’s optional nature and added value.
  • Playstation Vue: Sony’s response to cable, will allow people to subscribe to individual channels. Available in limited markets.
  • Vita apparently still exist