E3 2017: Evil Controllers Aims to Shift Your Thinking About Controllers

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Evil Controllers - E3 2017

When it comes to console controllers, we only think in two flavors: Xbox or PlayStation. Both controller designs are synonymous with their respective systems. Both have unique challenges for the professional eSports player. For the eSports player, any type of discomfort or input lag could negatively affect the momentum of a match. There has been a variety of adapters and controllers that have been introduced by both first and third parties targeted towards the pros, with each hoping to be the ultimate customizable solution.

Then I was introduced to the Evil Shift™ from Evil Controllers. It, quite honestly, is the controller of my dreams.

During E3 2017, I was able to meet with the Evil Controllers team to learn about the Evil Shift as well as try out a prototype. The Evil Shift is a faster, lighter version of the standard Xbox One and PS4 controllers featuring ergonomic paddle placement, interchangeable thumbsticks, and on-the-fly button and paddle remapping. Being familiar with almost all of eSports related peripherals, I was shocked to see that the Evil Shift incorporated multiple solutions into a single controller while still remaining highly customizable  and without compromising performance.

The controller has a choice of three interchangeable thumbstick sizes that will allow gamers to swap sticks on the fly. For example, while sniping you might opt to use taller sticks for trickier sniper shots. Alternatively, shorter thumbsticks might be perfect for tight angles or slower motions. Additionally, the Shift’s hairpin triggers reduce the tension of the trigger by over fifty percent, allowing for full range of motion without limiting the controller’s capability. Also, how can we forget about the ability to rewrite or reassign button profiles, which can be quickly done within seconds without the need of an app. Gamers can save more active profiles on the Evil Shift than any other eSports controller on the market.†

Evil Shift is a tournament-ready console controller with paddles that are unmatched†:

  • Gameplay is instantly improved with multiple paddles stationed at the back, so every finger is utilized; gamers can play continuously by shifting finger positions to ensure comfort and alleviate fatigue in addition to improving gameplay.
  • Paddles have “instant touch technology,” that can be pressed, tapped or shifted with desired force for an immediately noticeable difference in gameplay.
  • The lightweight and ergonomic paddle placement eliminates accidental button presses, all while retaining a sleek and comfortable grip.
  • Comprised of switches that can take millions of button pushes, the Evil Shift lasts longer than any other controller on the market.
  • Paddles are remappable on the fly, without interrupting gameplay. And, unlike other eSports controllers, no tools or apps are necessary to remap paddles.

Even though the Evil Shift is launching this Summer for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, pricing details aren’t available. However, you can visit evilcontrollers.com and follow Evil Controllers on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

But we’re only cracking the surface with Evil Controllers.