PDP Unveils New Products at E3 2016

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PDP Highlights E3 2016
PDP Highlights E3 2016

Rock Band

PDP is extending into software publishing, working with Harmonix to develop the Rock Band™ franchise and hardware. PDP is developing the first new guitar in the 10-year relationship extension between Harmonix and Fender® guitars, the iconic Fender Jaguar. PDP is also responsible for the new charging stand for the Fender Jaguar, and the oft-requested Legacy Wired Adapter, which will extend support for Ion Drum kits, professional MIDI drum kits, and legacy wired Rock Band instruments. PDP is also the full co-publisher for Rock Band, as part of the ongoing partnership between PDP and Harmonix.

  • Rock Band™ Wireless Fender® Jaguar – Xbox One or PlayStation 4
  • Rock Band™ Wireless Fender® Jaguar Guitar Charger – Xbox One and PlayStation 4
  • Rock Band™ Legacy Wired Adapter – Xbox One