Why So Serious….NAACP?

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Why So Serious….NAACP?

So, outside a Richmond strip club there is a new mural.  This mural seems to be attracting an awful lot of attention.

Is it because it’s at a strip club?  No,

Is it someone naked?  Nay Nay.

Is it because it’s the president on the United States of America with his face painted like the Joker from Batman?  Damn, you’re good.

This mural is creating a disturbance in the force.  Some say it’s racist and it should be taken down immediately!  Others believe it should remain up as it should be protected under the first amendment.  In all honesty, is it really racist?  I mean, other than the Fonz, who’s cooler than the Joker?  If nothing else Obama should be honored at the compliment at hand.

Anywho, people aren’t pleased.  “Not only is it an attack on the president, but also on all men and people of African descent,” says King Salim Khalfani, president of the Virginia NAACP.  What I don’t fully understand is why depictionsof George Bush were never an issue.  He’s was depicted as the Joker and far worse characters but still, people weren’t considering those as racist content.

Club owner, Sam Moore claims it isn’t meant to be racist.  He states it’s to show his displeasure with Obama’s policy.  You decide, and let me know what you think.  You can always leave a comment at the bottom of the page OR you can E-Mail me at LilNubi@RoyalFlushMagazine.Com.  Alright kids, keep your nose clean and until next time, jokers are always wild.