Virgin Comics Loses Its Virginity

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Virgin Comics Loses Its Virginity

The spawn of Branson’s Virgin Group and Gotham Entertainment, Virgin Comics has closed it’s New York offices doors. All eight employees have been laid of and the publishing unit is done for.

The president of Gotham Entertainment, Sharad Devarajan released a statement confirming the close of the New York offices but it looking to relocate somewhere in Los Angeles. He also said that more information will be released in the upcoming weeks.

India based Gotham Entertainment is said to not be effected by the closing of Virgin Comics. Their aim is at the South Asian market anyways so why they joined Virgin to begin with is beyond me.

Gotham Entertainment and The Virgin Group joined forces in 2006, just like my parents they separated after only a few years. Way to bring back those painful memories, but that is what the alcohol is for.

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