TNA Wrestling’s Biggest Bitch, ODB!

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TNA Wrestling’s Biggest Bitch, ODB!

Inside TNA’s six-sided ring you’d see ODB. One of the most hardcore women in professional wrestling. With her super-fantastic large breasts, you can see her every Thursday night at 9p.m. on Spike TV for TNA Impact!

You’ll never see her alone though. She can’t travel anywhere without her one of a kind flask full of liquid courage. I’m a TNA fan, get over it! Send all your hate mail to LilNubi@RoyalFlushMagazine.Com!

What’s Your Real Name?
Jessica Kresa

How Long Have You Been Wrestling?

What Got You Into Wrestling?

I’m still trying to figure that one out.I always thought wrestlers were bigger then life growing up and not normal people well, I was right! (laughs)

Who Are Your Wrestling Influences?

Without my family my mom, dad, and bro I wouldnt be where im at in wrestling right now, and I cant thank them enough for all their support. Every wrestler I’ve come in contact with have helped me. I take a little bit from everyone, that’s the best part is having a few drinks and listening to all the vets.

As A Woman, You Feel Treated Differently?
Yes and no. It is a man’s sport, but women are a big part of wrestling. Some women are not respected and shouldn’t be, but the women that worked their asses off that give respect to the people that made this business are very respected.

You Work For TNA, Would You Ever Consider Working For WWE?
TNA opened the door for me when no one else was interested, but I believe timing is everything. Never say never. I’m gonna be in this business till I’m 6 ft under ground. My journey is just starting.

TNA’s Knockouts Are A Lot More Impressive Than The WWE ‘Divas’. What Makes You Ladies So Much Better?
I think both woman’s division are doing good. The knockouts are new and we are changing women’s wrestling. We are all so different, not one of us are the same. We all came from the indie scene and worked our butts off to get where we are at. We had a good year now we gotta step it up. Speaking of stepping up, the divas have in the past year. They have two titles now and have brought up a lot of women that have changed the division up. I’m proud (of) those girls, they are working hard. Maybe someday there will be a knockout vs diva match!

Just For Scientific Reasons, How Big Are Your Breasts?
Really, whats it matter to you? You aren’t gonna be touchin’ them ever!

A Sudden Sadness Has Come Over Me. Anyways, What Is Actually In Your Flask?
Don’t worry about it

Alright Then, Maybe You Should Have Another Swig. Personally, I Love You, Is It Mutual?

Hell no!

Of course Not. How Would I Go About Getting A Job In TNA?
Good luck with that!

I May Need The Luck Once I Get Fired From Royal Flush. How Can People Book You For Wrestling Events/Signings?
My agent Michelle, email

Anything You’d Like To Say Before This Goes Down In Royal Flush History?
I wanna thank all the TNA fans without all of you there would be no ODB. Keep watchin, you haven’t seen nothin yet from the ODB. 2009 is gonna be a good year. CHEERS BITCHES BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!