San Diego Comic Con 2012 Lost Footage – Necomimi Ears Interview

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San Diego Comic Con 2012 Lost Footage – Necomimi Ears Interview

The lost footage just keeps on coming! Over the coming days I’ll be digging deep into my archives and sharing some content that I might have overlooked direct from San Diego Comic Con 2012 (also known as SDCC).

Today let’s dig into something that I thought was extremely awesome: the Necomimi Ears. If you’ve ever seen Chobits, you’ll instantly fall in love with these ears. As crazy as it may seem, these ears are actually controlled by your brainwaves and once you put on these ears, you’ll never think about cosplay ears the same way again. During SDCC, I got the opportunity to interview Dave Westendorf who gave me an overview on the technology behind the Necomimi Ears.

Below is the transcript of our interview.

I apologize for the lack of video but the audio was way too awful for me to post. But after the interview, I do post a video which showcases the awesomeness of the Necomimi Ears


GG = GamerGal (Myself)
DW = Dave Westendorf


GG: We’re here at San Diego Comic Con with Dave taking a look at these pretty interesting ears that he’s controlling with…his…mind?
DW: Brainwaves, exactly.

GG: Can you talk about exactly how your ears are different from my ears; which aren’t as particularly cool as yours are.
DW: (Laughter) As fun as your ears look, my brainwaves are controlling my ears while yours are just a headpiece. The difference is there’s a sensor the reads the brainwave sequences coming out of my head. It then gets processed and the ears then move corresponding to my emotions.

So, when I’m paying attention, my ears are upright. When I’m relaxed my ears go down. Then when I’m in the zone, they twitch back and forth.

GG: It’s so cool. I did notice that behavior with the ears because when I got lost trying to find your booth, I happened to ask a woman wearing the ears and her ears did zip upright as she was trying to recall where the booth was. I thought that was really amazing seeing them in action like that.
DW: (Laughter) So, these are fun and we’re launching for the first time in the US here at San Diego Comic Con and you can imagine how the anime community just went crazy. We felt comic con was the perfect venue to unveil them.

GG: About how many have you sold?
DW: I’m not totally sure but we literally can’t keep them in stock. It’s been that crazy for us.

GG: And how was the public response so far?
DW: It’s been great. What’s even more fun is seeing people taking ears like yours and transforming them into Necomimi Ears. So, you can see someone making these into gifts. We’ll have different colors, different fabrics, and form factors coming soon. With these ears you can simply pop them off and pop on another pair. And so you can be extremely creative with them.

GG: So, someone could buy the base unit and just customize it to their liking?
DW: We’ve seen people totally removing the covers off and creating anything from devil’s horns to teddy bear ears and even ears simply to yours. Even though they are very small, they just slip right over them.

So, you can see it all at, join the Necomimi family and find out what makes your ears wiggle!


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Dave!

I’m kicking myself for not buying a pair right then and there but I urge you to check out the video below as well as the official website for pricing and availability.