Rosario Dawson’s Comic Book Being Developed by A&E

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Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson
Rosario Dawson created a comic book. You can be forgiven for not knowing this — it was back in 2006-07, ran for just four issues, and was called O.C.T.: Occult Crimes Taskforce. Rosario wrote it with David Atchison, it was drawn by Tony Shasteen, and even those of us who knew it existed never thought we’d hear anything about it again.

The Hollywood Reporter says the book is in development for the small screen, as a production of Dawson, A&E network and Gale Ann Hurd, a producer of The Walking Dead. Right now the state of things seems to be that Dawson and Hurd are co-executive producers but Dawson hasn’t ruled out starring in it herself. For authenticity’s sake, that would be a good thing, since the main character of O.C.T. was modeled on Dawson herself. Literally, Tony Shasteen drew the thing sitting in a room full of reference pictures of Rosario taken from every angle. It would also be a good thing if Rosario Dawson were to star in it because — come on, it’s Rosario Dawson.

Was the comic book any good? Hmm, we’re having a hard time remembering. It was good enough to run for four issues? We do remember that it wasn’t as sexy as we might have liked, but perhaps TV will throw in some gratuitous whatever you call this.

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