Ric Flair’s Daughter, Wheelin And Dealin!

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Ric Flair’s Daughter, Wheelin And Dealin!

The Nature Boy might have retired, but he did teach his daughter a thing or two in his time. Apparently there was an altercation outside the Flair residence. When the police arrived they found Ashley, Flair’s daughter, an unidentified fellow and a bloody, beat up Ric Flair.

Flair didn’t press charges against the fellow on account Flair more than likely started it. Anywho, the police did end up arresting Ashley. Apparently she kicked one of the officers and resisted arrest so…what else can they do…they used the ol’ taser on her.

I guess Flair didn’t get rocked too badly, he was able to kick it with his son Reid at the local watering hole. Do to my super ability to get the goods, I found a picture of the Nature Boy sporting his shiner with some blond broads.

If he isn’t too bothered by the whole situation then neither are we. Keep up the good work Flair, nobody where’s a black eye as nicely as you do. Chicks dig scars.

Until next time, keep on rocking and keep on keeping on.