New York Toy Fair 2015: Demystifying Funko’s Vinyl Sugar

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New York Toy Fair 2015: Vinyl Idolz

Super Deluxe

The Super Deluxe vinyl toy line is Funko’s ultimate vinyl line. Featuring Deadpool, Groot, and a Baby Groot & Rocket Raccoon set; these are for the serious collector. They are larger super high quality figures vinyl figures. They are each extremely detailed art pieces. During Toy Fair, we got a chance to check out a new figure from Super Shogun Warriors. Finally, Super7 and Funko have made it happen. They have crafted a 24″ Boba Fett with two points of action. It’s wrist and jetpack can shoot missiles. In addition to the Boba Fett vinyl figure, there is a Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Storm Trooper on display.

It’s important to note that the Vinyl Sugar line will not be available in big box stores like Toys R’ Us, Target or Walmart. Instead, the only way you’ll be able to get your hands on the Vinyl Sugar line is by searching your local boutique toy stores. Vinyl Sugar is for the specialty collector. They are quirky and distinctive in their own right. We can’t wait to see the Vinyl Sugar line grow through out 2015 as well as begin the hunt for the figures themselves.


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