Mudvayne onDisc-&-onStage

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Mudvayne onDisc-&-onStage

This Illinois quintet has been assaulting our ear canals for nearly ten years now.  Debuting “Dig” in 2000, this progressive metal act has taken themselves to the next level with their release of “The New Game” in 2008. Over the last 10 years, Mudvayne has greatly matured and have become more distinguished, separating them from the other mainstream bands of the early 2000s.

“The New Game” is the fourth, complete, studio album.  With the current single “Do What You Do,”  Mudvayne has a “fuck you” attitude towards today’s world.  Basically, people are gonna do what they’re gonna do regardless of what others want as said in both “Do What You Do” and “Have It Your Way.”
Not a dull CD, but it’s not the best Mudvayne release either.  Mudvayne has come a long way from their original debut of “L.D. 50” which has left them more melodic with heavier hooks than any other album to date by them.   If you’re looking for the heavy tones of Mudvayne’s early releases, you’ll be greatly disappointed.  If you’re looking for a good band to rock out to in your car, this is a good CD to get.  Because I’m such a nice guy, here’s a track listing for you:
  1. Fish Out of Water – 3:30
  2. Do What You Do – 3:36
  3. A New Game – 5:03
  4. Have It Your Way – 3:45
  5. A Cinderella Story – 4:40
  6. The Hate in Me – 3:22
  7. Scarlet Letters – 3:56
  8. Dull Boy – 4:14
  9. Same Ol – 4:49
  10. Never Enough – 3:39
  11. We the People – 3:07

Their live performance as always left a very good impression playing a good mix spanning their entire catalog which is always good for a band to do.  Nobody likes it when all you hear are new songs that you don’t know yet because you weren’t able to buy and learn the new CD.

They played ALL the crowd favorites such as “Death Blooms” and my personal favorite “The Negative One.”  They also played their newer single “Do What You Do” and their single off their last CD “Happy.”  Once again this band put on a great show along side touring mates Ten Years and Snot.

It was actually a great surpise that Ten Years was on this tour.  If you know anything about music you know that Mudvayne and Ten Years don’t exactly have the same style of music which is what added to the show.

If you’ve ever seen a Mudvayne show you know that Chad can’t just come out in a shirt and jeans like most singers.  Oh no my friend, he came out fully equipped with his red Gorilla suite.  It always adds a nice touch when the singer has no problem making an ass of himself.  He had no problem admitting that at the show either.  Whether you love em or hate em, Mudvayne can put on a great show and is always worth seeing when they are in town.