MonsterFest 2009 and Royal Flush Magazine

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MonsterFest 2009 and Royal Flush Magazine


“Monster Fest is an annual celebration of monsters, horror and the macabre in film and literature. The event is held every October, just in time for Halloween. With a strong focus on the gothic horror films of the classic era, Monster Fest provides a fun, family-friendly, carnival-like environment for monster enthusiasts and the whole family.
Monster Fest was founded by Rob Floyd and Clayton Sayre. Floyd is the co-creator of the Chesapeake Library’s monthly cult movie program, Fantasmo Cult Cinema Explosion. Together, Floyd and friend Sayre set out to create a program through which they could share their lifelong love of classic monsters and horror with the local community and beyond. Monster Fest features movie screenings, costume contests, guest speakers, discussion panels with authors and media luminaries, monster-themed artwork, spooky displays, and fun activities for the kids. The program also hosts an array of vendors specializing in a wide variety of merchandise.

For the past five years, Monster Fest has featured guests such as award-winning author and film scholar John Kenneth Muir (Horror Films of the 1970s), vampire fiction author Tony Ruggiero, contributing staff from Scary Monsters magazine and horror host legends such as The Bowman Body, Dr. Madblood, Penny Dreadful the 13th and Count Gore De Vol. Each year, monster fans of all ages have gathered to discuss, debate, learn, share their knowledge and express their passion for their favorite horror films and literature. The evening of the event, the festivities are capped by the Fantasmo Monster Fest Horrorthon, an all-night horror movie marathon hosted by Floyd and Fantasmo co-founder Jim Blanton.

The sixth annual Monster Fest, to be held October 10, 2009, promises to be the biggest yet, with more guests, more prizes, more activities, more displays and more fun surprises.”


Be sure to check out the Royal Flush table at this year’s MonsterFest.  I’ll be there displaying art from our very own Fans of Flush.  If you’d like to submit your very own monster/horror art to be displayed please send me an email at LilNubi@RoyalFlushMagazine.Com and I’ll give you all the details!  Hope you come by and say hello!  This will be one of the best conventions and one of the only ways to pick up your very own copy of Royal Flush Magazine without having to pay shipping!