Kicking Out the Jams!!

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Kicking Out the Jams!!



Ya know………..every once in a while it’s necessary to blow the dust off of the old LP’s and listen to the forgotten treasures in your album crates.  Submitted for your approval (or scrutiny, whichever the case may be) are suggested cuts and releases that I find very worthy of a good listen:

  • Bernie Torme–Wild West and Presences (Electric Gypsies)
  • Plasmatics–Brain Dead (Maggots: The Record)
  • Tommy Bolin–Wild Dogs (Teaser)
  • Jane’s Addiction–Three Days (Ritual de lo Habitual)
  • Judas Priest–Victim of Changes (Sad Wings of Destiny)
  • Hanoi Rocks–Until I Get You (Back to Mystery City)
  • Ace Frehley–Snow Blind (Ace Frehley Solo)
  • Black Sabbath–Neon Knights (Heaven and Hell)
  • Cheap Trick–Mandocello (Cheap Trick)
  • Deep Purple–Dealer (Come Taste the Band)

Give these little jewels a listen and let me know what you think.  Feel free to drop me an e-mail with your favorite forgotten tracks at: