Is This the Odd Future of Hip Hop? Well, Literally, Yes

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Is This the Odd Future of Hip Hop? Well, Literally, Yes

If you’ve heard of Odd Future, you’ve likely heard about its issues. Some people will tell you that Odd Future is the end of rap. A sort of hip hop anti-Christ the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

Worse, even, than the last hip hop anti-Christ. Hip hop experts Esquire said: “They make Eminem sound about as violent as Wolf Blitzer. They are intent on terrifying every parent and Republican in America. And they just might.”

The Village Voice covered some of that territory in “On Odd Future, Rape and Murder, And Why We Sometimes Like the Things That Repel Us”

Ok, so Odd Future makes some people a little queasy. But as the Voice article points out, while these very young rappers rhyme about serial killers, Nazis, drug-dealing, and, uh, rape — “the real line of defense most listeners have for stuff like this is they didn’t actually do it.”

Here we have this big mega-weird video that delivers visually on the Odd Future lyrical content. It’s, ah, all in good fun except, whoa, what is that dude shooting out of his crotch onto those girls? And yikes, did that other guy just slap that girl?

Honestly, we’re still figuring out how we feel about this.