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Mad Mad World Comics

Today we have the creator of Mad Mad World Comics in for a one on one. I tried to convince him to bring someone else for a little threesome action but he was against it. Another day goes by without my fantasies being met. One day world, you can’t keep holding me back. This guy is going to show you why it’s still cool to have MS Paint on your computer machines…

Name: TheAllKnowingHead

Comic Title
: Mad Mad World Comics

How Long Have You Been In The Comic Business? I’ve been drawing all my life but I didn’t start taking my silly little pictures so seriously until about 6 years ago.

What do you create your comics with? For the most part, I use a 2 ft piece hickory that has been sharpened to a point on one end for dipping into an ink mixture of ash and burnt cobwebs. No….that’s for something else. I only use MS paint to do my comics.

Most of your comics have a hint of satire, why do you hate everything? I wouldn’t necessarily say that I HATE everything. Maybe I just hate a larger portion of what I have been exposed to and an even larger portion of what I choose to do comics about.

Is there anything out there you wouldn’t make a joke out of? Yes, there are quiet a few things that I wouldn’t make a joke out of. I find that it works out better if I stay away from the things that aren’t very funny.





Do you think life is a big joke? You know I don’t know what to think life is. I guess it would be cool if it was just a really big joke. I mean I have a sense of humor so I think I could appreciate that. It certainly would explain a lot.

What got you into making comics?
It’s just another creative outlet that I like to think gives back a little. I mean if I didn’t transfer all of these crazy little scenes and imaginary instances from my mind to the computer screen then who knows what would happen? I might run out of physical memory or possibly begin to babble about “the things I see but nobody else sees” and we all know those are just the famous last words of people who end up at the psych ward. And there’s nothing funny about that.

How do you feel about Royal Flush? It’s your favorite magazine right? Am I doing a good job? Think you could do a better one? I love Royal Flush magazine! It’s what I’m reading right now. It is completely my favorite magazine that I don’t have to hide when I hear someone coming. And as for whether or not I could do a better job, probably not. I’ve tried my hand at this sort of thing and it wasn’t nearly as impressive.

If you could pick a fight with any celebrity, dead or alive who would it be? Would you win?
I’m not exactly sure who I would pick a fight with, but if I could arrange a fight of my choosing then it would be a 3-way ladder match in a steel cage between me, Jimi Hendrix, and Ben Franklin. I’m pretty sure they would both be fairly inventive with ladder moves but I feel that I would have the initial advantage because I don’t know that either of them know what a 3-way ladder match in a steel cage is even about. And although I think that would be enough of an edge to win it, I might also consider faking a knock out just to see who would win between them.

If you could add any sport to the Olympics, what would you add? If it were for my own personal gain, I would addthe backwards alphabet competition. But if it were for the good of mankind, I would add the sport of Disc Golf.

Who are you voting for? I plan to vote for Obama because I once read that he did some political cartooning. I don’t know if that’s real or rumor but either way it sounds cool. Besides I kind feel sorry for a guy who’s running for the big seat with a name that sounds so much like that other evil guy. And to make matters worse, it actually sounds like the word “bomb” is in his name. It takes real stones to overcome a name impediment like that.

After the interview, we shared a dirty glass of milk together and cried. It was nice to let all of our true feelings out. I feel a little more liberated now…it could also be because I don’t have pants on anymore. Whatever the reason though I feel good.

You can check out Mad Mad World Comics at Be sure to add him, send him dirty messages and Rick Roll him. He always falls for it.

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