Indie Interrogation: Avelina De Moray

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Indie Interrogation:  Avelina De Moray

Beautiful, horrifying, demonic, and amazing are just a few words that come to mind when I hear the name Avelina De Moray.  I had the honors of conducting a very intricate interview with this amazing artist.  I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

For the record, please state your name.
Avelina De Moray
How long have you been dabbling in the dark arts?
Not that long really, maybe 6 to 12 months. I mean I’ve been messing with photography and drawing for nearly a decade, but only in the last year have I dedicated myself completely to the pursuit of artistic endeavors, both artistic and musical.

What originally inspired you to become an artist?
I can’t remember a pinnacle moment or one particular thing that inspired me to start creating art, it just kinda happened. I had a keen interest in photography and PhotoShop, but for many years the art I’d work on was shit, and I didn’t really take it that seriously.  I was more into playing guitar and writing songs.  After years of constantly watching vampire & gothic movies, I realized that there seemed to be a void in both the plot and the imagery. I got sick of re-writing the movies in my head and recasting the characters. Particularly the female characters, I had a vision in my head of what the female vampires should look like, and was sick of being disappointed.  There are very few movies where the main vampire has been female, besides the recent Underwold trilogy, and a few movies from the 60’s and 70’s. I think my fans find it refreshing to see female vampires as the centerpiece. And personally, would rather hang an artwork of a sexy girl on my wall, than some guy! (I think most would agree with me right??)  I’d like to do some artworks with both male and female vampires, but so far, I haven’t found any men with the right look, After all, Gary Oldman is a tough act to follow you know! And If I can’t do it better, I’d rather leave that alone for now.

What is your current artistic muse?
I’m still in love with Frances Ford Coppola’s movie Dracula. The cinematography within that movie is incredible and has inspired many of my artworks. Just last week, I staged a photo shoot based on the character Lucy Westenra which I’m very excited about!  I also find Gothic architecture very inspiring; the shape of the archways, the church windows and gargoyles lend themselves beautifully to gothic art, and I’ve started to include some of these elements in my new artworks.

Your expertise is clearly dark, gothic art. Not real into painting flowers and clowns eh?
No, I prefer darker subject matter, but I do find the evil clowns very scary.  You have to wonder how Van Gogh painted sunflower after sunflower without tiring of the content, but I guess I’ll get similar comments if I continue with my Vampire art. And who knows, if I can consume enough Absinthe, perhaps I’ll start painting vampiric flowers!  I enjoy mixing beauty with horror and femininity with aggression. They’re both strong traits that I think make the art more powerful or even disturbing. In ‘Vampires Of Rookwood’, my favorite part of the artwork is the scaring on the vampires face, to me, this gave the entire artwork a different vibe.

In your opinion, are Vampires and other gothic creations good, or evil?
Why do they have to choose a side? I think every creature is capable of both good and evil and that all iconic vampire characters have had elements of the two.  If you look at Gary Oldman’s performance in Bram Stokers Dracula, his character (Dracula) would swing back and forth from incredibly sensuality and romantic, to a little eccentric and violent.  Vampires need to kill and feed on human blood to survive, but does that make them murderers? If it’s required for their survival isn’t that just nature taking control? I mean, we slaughter animals’ everyday to feed ourselves, and the vampire kill is probably more elegant and civilized than how we kill our livestock.

Where can we see your art?
My art is scattered between galleries across Australia, but the best place to see my entire portfolio would be at my website.

Do you have a resume’ of bands or other creators you’ve worked with or have done work for? It’s okay to name drop here.
I don’t keep a resume’ as such, but of course, having worked with some of my favorite bands I can do a bit of name dropping!  I have a few artworks of the band HIM, which have been very popular with HIM fans and street teams around the world. I was also lucky enough to hang out with Ville & Mige in Sydney, attend their sound check and of course photograph their concert.
My HIM photos can be seen here:

I recently ran a competition with Cradle of Filth. I had the pleasure of meeting the band who signed my Empathy artwork which was given away on their website. And there’s also a similar competition running now with Goth Rockers Deathstars.  Nightwish are another great band I spent the day with them whilst they were in Sydney. I went shopping with Annette before the gig which I was there to photograph.
Cristina from Lacuna Coil was very nice too, I got to shoot them from up on the stage during the bands performance, which is quite rare.  These photos can be seen here:

Let’s change things up a bit.  If you were a professional wrestler, what would your entrance music be?
Dancing Queen by ABBA !….and I would wear a mankini! Yeah baby. I gave my dad one for Christmas! He wears it while he mows the lawn. Classic.

If I were to check your CD player right now, what would I find?
Do you really need to ask?  Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses, Type O Negative – October Rust, Type O Negative – Dead Again!

If you were a comic book hero, what would your power be?
My power would be to have the ability to make people turn up on time…..That would be really handy as I’m totally impatient and hate waiting.

I’m a pretty great guy, if I wanted to give my friend advice regarding his first date with you, what do I tell him?
Tell him he’d best bring his credit card, as I’m a big eater and drink like a fish!

Should I let him know that you are a bikini cut kinda gal or a thong woman?
Ow definitely thong woman. Nothing says RESPECT like a piece of lycra shoved up your ass!  Haha.

Armageddon is slowly approaching, you’re being put on a remote island in chance of you surviving to repopulate the world. What gentleman, living or dead should we put on the island with you to save humanity?
Vlad the Impaler, Gilles De Rais or perhaps Countess Bathory, Oh! What sweet music we’d make.

And yet you’ve chosen not to pick me, how disappointing.  There’s a zombie epidemic, what weapon are you going to grab in order to defend yourself?
When you say zombie epidemic, do you mean, like, the word would be populated with ‘Rob Zombies’? cause that would be pretty cool.  Of course, if you mean the walking dead type zombies, then I suppose I’d have to rely on my stunning good looks, and razor sharp wits, what zombie in his right mind could resist these attributes?  Perhaps we could put a few zombies on that island with Vlad and Gilles.

If I want to contact you about doing some art for me or my band how would I go about getting your attention?
Just send me an email! I’m always interested in working with bands, big or small.

Please take my advice and check out all of her work and if you ever need something done, she’s your girl!