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Ikonic KISS – Gotta Love It!!!

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Ikonic KISS – Gotta Love It!!!

KISS--New YorkJust wanted to drop everyone a quick line to let you know the new KISS “Ikons” CD set is a must-have for ALL KISS fans!

The 4 CD set embodies everything that we all love about KISS and none of the “lost” KISS years.  Each disc is devoted and an individual KISS members’ songs and the selection is great!

This CD offers us the chance to re-live the whole KISS experience all over again, and it was one helluva ride the first time!  Walking down KISS avenue and listening to “Plaster Caster”, “New York Groove”, “Hard Luck Woman” and many others was absolutely a thrill……..and does anything say rock and roll like “Detroit-Fuckin-Rock City!!??

This release has made me want to crack out all of the other lost treasures from the band and fly my KISS Army flag again!  So go out, pick it up and enjoy the greatness of what once was (there is nothing better than “Snowblind” at maximum volume)!!

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