Halloween Leftovers. Meet Some Of The Best Indie Artists!

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Halloween Leftovers.  Meet Some Of The Best Indie Artists!


Now that you’re sick to your stomachs and coming of your sugar high you can now focus on what’s important.  Do to their love for creating great art, I need you to check out a couple artists you may not already be familiar with with their spooky take on art.

First we have the ever so beautiful Rain Radosevich.  Her love for photography and digital arts are what brings her to Royal Flush.  Her work can be seen at and the piece that gets her noticed here is her take on Vampires.

She’s newly 18 and working on her college apps so stop by her MySpace profile at and give her a couple kind words of encouragement, or just share a dirty story with her.  Either way, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it…or just think you’re real creepy.  Fun either way if you ask me.

Next we have an artist with a different take on horror art, Mr. E.  Mr. E is a mysterious little fellow who is believed to be living in the attic of his great Grandmother’s house.  Unfortunately, she’s been dead for several years now yet he still resides there doing his doodles and what not.  We know very little about Mr. E, but what I do are two things.  One, he wears a children’s size 4 show.  Second, he is the creator of CasualFurDay.Com.  He can check out all of his sensational work including my favorites, ‘Working Stiffs’.  Be sure to check out all of his work, he’ll appreciate it.  He doesn’t have many friends.

Keep your eyes peeled for some more upcoming art!  I have plenty of art and artists that need to be noticed!  Please do what you can to support indie and local artists!  Feel free to leave a comment below or E-Mail me at LilNubi@RoyalFlushMagazine.Com