Forget Bowties. I Wear a Scarf; Scarves are Cool.

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Forget Bowties. I Wear a Scarf; Scarves are Cool.

Ladies of the internet, do you happen to be a Whovian or a Sherlockian? Are you a gentleman trying to find the perfect gift for your companion? Well there is no need to keep searching the galaxy for all your troubles are solved with these handmade beaded scarves from BBC’s Doctor Who and Sherlock.

Based out of San Francisco, España Sheriff is a science-fiction/fantasy artist with over ten years of experience. Her work has been displayed in countless art exhibits and has done illustrations for “fanzines” such as SF/SF and Yipe. Her expertise mostly lies within acrylic, inks, and digital works but over the past few years she began mastering beaded and wired works.

She posted the fruits of her new craft about a year ago: a beaded version of Tom Baker’s scarf from Doctor Who that was made for a friend’s ‘crossplay’. The lovely scarf instantly caught my eye and like anyone without an artistic, I reached out to España for a commission. She accepted with great pleasure, resulting in one of the greatest customer service experiences I have ever had. Over the course of a handful of weeks, she and I kept in close contact regarding the scarf’s progress and ensuring I was satisfied with the design.

After receiving the scarf, I spoke to her about also designing one based on Benedict Cumberbatch’s scarf from Sherlock. She openly welcomed my second commission, even while spending nearly two months eagerly searching for the perfect shade of dark blue. Despite not doing any of the work myself, she did a fantastic job at making me feel like I was part of the process by actively asking for my opinion. Rarely does one find someone who is brimming with dedication to both their craft and their customer. I have been extremely satisfied with her efforts as well as her work.

Each scarf is made on a loom with specially selected beads. The Tom Baker scarf is 60″ long and consists of 150/0 toho beads. I currently have one based on season 15 design but España is willing to commission for other series as well.

As for the Benedict Cumberbatch scarf, it is made of Miyuki Delica 15/0 metallic beads. At 30″ in length, it is designed to be worn with a “knotted” loop in order to mimic the Parisian knot Sherlock ties his scarf in. Currently, she has the materials for the first season. She has mentioned that she is willing to make the second season scarf but warns that complications might arise in finding a perfect shades of blue for the stripped design.

The delicate design makes for a subtle dash of geek chic to any outfit. True fans will take notice to the references wrapped around your neck without you breaking a sense of style. I personally have worn my version of Tom Baker’s scarf to business meetings, conventions, dinner outings, and even with colored polos on my day job. (It was even shown on X-Play when I made a fool of myself at PAX East.) Its light weight material prevents it from being a burden as you move around to do daily tasks and it can be worn all times of the year. Without it being made of fabric, it keeps your neck cool meaning it can be worn in the middle of the summer; a factor I greatly favored as I live in South Carolina, where it never truly gets cold enough for me to need a 13′ woven scarf.

Both scarves are available to purchase on her Etsy account. The Tom Baker Doctor Who scarf will cost $250 due to the complexity of the design – also expect three to four weeks or more for completion. The Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock scarf is listed for $100 since working with a single color on a loom is easier than multiple colors, and can be completed in ten days.

For more information on either scarf or to browse España Sheriff’s other works, you can check out her Etsy page or follow her web site and podcast.

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