San Diego Comic Con 2012: Silent Hill Revelation 3D Recap

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San Diego Comic Con 2012: Silent Hill Revelation 3D Recap

Silent Hill has been on everyone’s mind ever for the past six years. For some, it marked the beginning of a hopeful movie franchise that brought back that all too familiar creepy feeling from the games. Images soon surfaced featuring horrific looking nurses in a familiar run down hospital. Could this help fuel a renewed faith into having another descent sequel to the franchise? To my shock, I actually thought the Silent Hill movie was actually descent. I had problems with it the first time I watched it but after re-watching it a couple of times, it turns out that I actually liked it. Silent Hill was pretty good for a video game based movie and let’s all face it, video game movies are hardly ever good. I’ll give you a second to recall all the good ones.

But during the San Diego Comic Con Hall H panel, I felt a sense of hope. Why? Well, let’s run through what we learned during the Hall H panel…

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is based on Silent Hill 3 which is “a continuation of Heather Mason’s story”. Additionally, and I’m not sure if she really did this or not but, Adelaide Clemens (Heather Mason) actually played through the game in order to get a feeling for the character she was going to portray on screen. Couple this with the fact that Director Michael J. Bassett is a Silent Hill fan, there is some new found hope for another descent video game movie. The only thing that could put a damper on this movie is if they do something cheesy to appeal to a larger audience. But Michael was adamant that even if you were not a Silent Hill fan, the movie would still be able to stand alone as a “scary horror movie”. And from the reactions everyone gave in Hall H during the sneak preview of the G-rated scenes, it was clear that they were still able to creep us out just like the games always did.

Don’t believe me? Well, check out the scenes below for yourself.

As you can tell, I’m extremely excited and will definitely be playing Silent Hill 3 to get myself ready for the film’s release. Just like I always do for any movie that’s book or game related. I know it may not be normal but it’s my process.

While I wasn’t able to record the Hall H panel, I suggest you check out the great interview from the folks over at IAmRogue.com with Director Michael J.Basset and Adelaide Clemens which I have included below.

Then why not check out the official trailer!

What do you guys think? Do you think that Silent Hill: Revelation 3D will be able to stand alone as great horror movie in it’s own right while being a great video game based movie?