Infinite Kung Fu Time Lapse

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Infinite Kung Fu

Infinite Kung FuHere’s what I will say about kung fu movies: Not necessarily appealing. Some people here in the west see a kung fu movie and it’s a revelation, they instantly connect with it and they are hooked as kung fu fans for life. But others of us are like “Ehh.”

I was an “Ehh.” I had tried to watch kung fu movies and they never quite grabbed me.

I say these words because I am about to eat them. I opened up Infinite Kung Fu and thought there is really no way I am going to like this. I’ll get a few pages in and it will be all kung fu-ey and I’ll lose interest.

That absolutely did not happen. I don’t know whether the author Kagan McLeod would really like this description but — Infinite Kung Fu is a kung fu epic for people who don’t buy into the kung fu cult.

But you don’t need to hear this from me — you can go to Top Shelf 2.0 and read a good deal of it for FREE.

Also enjoy this, posted this week — Kagan McLeod doing an Infinite Kung Fu illustration in time-lapse goodness. Nice.