The Eternal Bond

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The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding
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Whenever you first go to meet someone, one of the first things you probably ask them is, “What do you do in your free time?” Not only is this question a great icebreaker for a first date, but it also establishes some common ground which can be used as the foundation for building your relationship. We share our common interests with one another as a way to strengthen a friendship with hopes of turning it into something deeper. Something more lasting.

For a lot of us, gaming is a hobby we are passionate about. It is something that has been a part of our lives for a very long time which is why most of us search for a partner who we can consider the perfect “Player 2”. Regardless if they turn into your co-op companion or a permanent party member, you probably try to do something to show the world that you two are together in the game. Maybe you use the same clan tag or maybe you use similar character names, but in the world of Eorzea, you get married.

The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding was announced for Square Enix’s growing MMO, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, back at E3 2014. After a few months, the ceremony was released in the game; players were able to start getting hitched when “Dreams of Ice – Patch 2.45” was released in December 2014. The marriage system has no restrictions outside of the fact that you can only bond with one person. Otherwise you can marry anyone regardless of his or her race, gender, or Grand Company alliance. It also is a completely free service to all players but of course, there are premium packages available for those who want a bit more.

The Details

To initiate the quest line for unlocking the ceremony, you and your partner must both have an item called the Promise Wristlet which is selected from the Mog Station. There are a few important things to keep in mind, however, before rushing off to get it. The first is that you have at least one level 50 class and complete the main story quest up to “The Scions of the Seventh Dawn”. The second is you can only obtain two Promise Wristlets per account (at least as of right now). This means if you play on multiple servers and/or with different characters, only two can get married – or  you can get one set of bracelets for you and your partner. Finally, the game is going favor the wedding settings for the lesser of the two packages. You do have the option to mix-and-match the different wristlets in case one of you want some extra goodies the other doesn’t, but you will not be able to use your premium wedding options for the ceremony itself.

(In Game Screenshot)

There is a total of three packages available for the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding. The Standard plan is the free package which will give you a white suit or dress  which – while can be glamoured – are sadly not dyeble. You are also limited to a single color for the church and your wedding cut scenes are predetermined. The Gold plan is $10 per person ($20 per couple) and gives you the Garments of Passion. These garments are dyeble and you are given a total of 3 colors (white, orange, and pink) to use to color the decorations inside of the chapel. You are also given the Ceremony Chocobo which is a giant, white tandem chocobo mount for you and your partner to ride. Plus your guests will get a little minion as a thank you gift for attending your wedding. The Platinum plan is $20 per person ($40 per couple) and gives you the same items as the Gold but with a few minor upgrades. You will still get a set of the Garments of Passion but you get a more classy version as well. A more detailed waistcoat has been added for the gentleman while the lady will have a more elegant lacy pattern on her dress. Outside of the few alterations to the clothing, you will also get blue and (I believe) green added to your pallet for decorations. However, both the Gold and Platinum plans share the same two variations for the procession, three variations for the ceremony, and two variations of the recession as well as having the same twelve songs to use for your customized wedding sountrack.

No matter what package you go with there are some items that are universal among all three. Unlocking the ceremony will give you access to an exclusive hairstyle and “embrace” emote which is sickeningly adorable. Both characters will have a smile on their face as they hold each other tightly for a moment; and if you are a Lalafell (like me), your partner will even bend down to your level to hold you. You are also given an assortment of party favors to share with your guests as well as a huge wedding cake to display in your private house, private chambers, or Free Company house. Then there is the ring – the one ring to rule them! The Eternity Ring gives you the special ability to teleport instantly to your beloved’s side as long as they are not in an instance or in a residential area. This makes the ring stupid good for couples who partake in hunts because you can jump to the exact location of your partner from anywhere in Eorzea. Though keep in mind there is a minor cooldown to prevent it from being overused.