Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Event, DOCTOR WHO: THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR IN 3D

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Event, DOCTOR WHO: THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR IN 3D
Dr Who: Day of the Doctor in 3D, brought to you by Fathom Events
Dr Who: Day of the Doctor in 3D, brought to you by Fathom Events

On Saturday, November 23rd, 2013, everyone’s favorite Doctor celebrated his 50th Anniversary. For any Whovian, this Saturday’s uninterrupted airing of “The Day of the Doctor” was highly anticipated. What would the Doctor face? Or more importantly, would any Doctors return?

The following are my thoughts. There may be slight spoilers, so if you haven’t seen “The Day of the Doctor” or the season finale of Doctor Who yet, please don’t read any further.

I did warn you…

If you’ve kept up with Doctor Who up until now, you will be well aware that the Eleventh Doctor, portrayed by Matt Smith, has already revealed his deepest secret: He was the one who killed his entire race of Time Lords. This is something that plaques the Doctor and ultimately becomes the focus of the overall plot in”The Day of the Doctor”. The Eleventh Doctor is summoned to investigate some odd occurrences at UNIT, (UNified Intelligence Taskforce, or United Nations Intelligence Taskforce)†. It’s during the Doctor’s investigation that he begins to recollect upon the Time War when ultimately a rift appears that brings us into the overall guts of the movie.

It’s here that our Doctor’s timelines begin to intertwine and we get to see the Tenth (David Tennant), the Eleventh, and the War Doctor (John Hurt) converge. But all throughout, we are filled with familiar sights as well as faces. The movie was filled with a plethora Who lore. For example, the Tardis, the Fourth Doctor’s scarf, the Daleks, the Zygons, and everyone’s favorite, the Sonic screwdriver. But, the most memorable moments were those with the Doctors, past and present.

“The Day of the Doctor” was a befitting episode for a series that has lasted 50 years and might be posed to last another fifty.

But, it was during tonight’s one night only Fathom Event that I was able to learn how much everyone involved in the movie is as much of a Whovian than the rest of the us. During the bonus scenes, we saw Steven Moffat snapping pics while filming as Jenna Coleman (Clara) attempted to do her best boss impression. Additionally, David Tennant revealed that he never thought he would get the call to even star in the 50th Anniversary episode. While John Hurt said yes to the role while not even getting much time to prepare.

The only downfall of watching “The Day of the Doctor” again on the big screen was the fact that while the film appeared to be filmed in 3D, the 3D didn’t really do much for the overall movie watching experience. It wasn’t as impactful as say Star Trek into Darkness was. However, overall “The Day of the Doctor” was amazing! Getting the opportunity to watch it on the big screen with other Whovians reminded me of Comic Con all over again. A group of individuals, all sharing in the same fan experience. It’s totally worth it and I’d probably be catching a lot more Fathom Events in the future. Not too mention that they did preface the movie with special messages with the Twelfth and the Eleventh Doctor and had no trailers! Any time I can get tickets where the movie starts on time and has no silly trailers for movies I might not care for, is something I’d want to do again and again and again!