Bad Words Review: Jason Bateman is in his Prime

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Bad Words Review: Jason Bateman is in his Prime

Bad Words is Jason Bateman‘s latest film. Bateman is not only starring in it but he also directed the film; Bateman’s first big time directorial debut. Bad Words isn’t a conventional story by any means; however, it has everything a good story and good movie, should have: suspense, comedy, drama, and heart. After watching this film I can say with complete confidenceĀ that Jason Bateman is in his prime.

The film is about a man named Guy Trilby (played by Jason Bateman), who is competing in a Children’s National Spelling Bee because of a loophole he found in the rules. Guy is a master of spelling and he’s beating all the kids to the top and, everyone hates him. The movie follows Guy through his endeavors within the competition. Guy Trilby is an amazing anti-hero: he’s vulgar, obnoxious, and selfish. The audience hates him, but you love to hate him. Jason Bateman plays the role of Guy Trilby perfectly. It’s a performance that never gets dry and builds throughout the movie to a great conclusion.

From watching this film it seems that Jason Bateman couldn’t have picked a better script to start his directing career, Jason’s team casted this movie so well that there’s no way I could see them finding better people for the roles. Another good pick up by Jason was bringing on Ken Seng as Director of Photography (worked on Step Up 3D and Project X). Ken Seng brings a high caliber of work that keeps the audience in the film at all times, there was never a moment where I thought about looking away or even felt bored.

Bad Words is a movie that every adult should see, it’s a story about growth with amazing comedic grittiness that is hilarious to watch. I would recommend this film for its storytelling, hilarious characters, and great storytelling that leaves you satisfied after viewing this film. Bad Words is in theaters starting March 14, 2014Ā and expands across the country on March 21st and March 28th.