A New Nightmare

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A New Nightmare

Royal Flush Hall of Fame Icon, Freddy Krueger proves you can’t keep a good corpse down.

April 30, 2010 will prove whether or not the old boy still has what it takes to leave us scared shift. Recently released, the trailer for the re-imagining of the classic Wes Craven horror looks promising. The trailer showcases a prequelesque scene in which the not-yet-crispy Freddy runs from the vigilante mob of Elm Street parent as they extract their revenge.

Some scenes look familiar…

While others feel new and exciting. One thing that is a little odd is the new direction in which Freddy’s charred visage has taken. Very Grinchie and not so much like the old tried and true. Well… every director needs to leave their own mark, for good or bad. I’ll wait to see the film to pass judgement on this.

Over all impression is good. From this trailer alone I’ll definitely check it out, unless the next batch of previews unravel.

Watchmen actor, Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach) tackles the grim role and based on his many disturbing character portrayals I think hes the best choice.

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