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Echosmith “Acoustic Dreams”

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Echosmith “Acoustic Dreams”

es_acoustic-dreams_cover_final_copyAs we all know by now, these California siblings can rock!  Wait….you didn’t already know that?  “Cool Kids” by the band is being played on almost every radio station out there.  It’s one of the few genre bending tunes that can be rocked on the Top 40 Stations just as easily as it is on the Alt Rock Stations.

Still can’t recall what I’m talking about?  Fine, here is their performance on CONAN!

Oh, so now you remember…great.  Let’s get back to the task at hand.  Oh…you want to purchase this album first?  By all means go right ahead.  It is packed with 12 (14 if you get the deluxe edition on iTunes) amazing songs to cruise through life too.  The melody of the band, and the voice of Jamie Sierota carries you away into a land of relaxation.  Don’t be fooled though, the writing on this album is amazing.  It’s not just some indie pop album, there is a lot of quality that alt/pop is missing these days.  There is so more more than a catchy chorus and Echosmith has nailed it.

And I know some of you are asking “Nubi, ‘Talking Dreans’ came out a year ago…why are you talking about it now?”

Well the answer is simple, I foolishly didn’t discover this band until recently.  The great news is that Echosmith has just released an acoustic EP featuring 5 of their best tracks and one brand spanking new one!  The EP “Acoustic Dreams” dropped last week digitally, and the only place you can pick up their physical copy is this year on the Warp Tour!

“Acoustic Dreams” proves that with a balance of great writing, and beautiful music you can strip it down and still have a wonderful piece of music.  I can honestly say that there are some songs/albums that are released in the unplugged version and they are a wreck.  I can assure you that this is not one of them.  It’s a but ironic but I feel as if the music has been enhanced, by pulling the plug a bit and letting the bare bones ingredients do their job.

I do encourage all of the readers to at least preview the CD, and please let me know what you think @lilnubi on Twitter!