Combichrist, The Other White Christ

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Combichrist, The Other White Christ

This is not your Grandmother’s Christ, this is Combichrist!  Combichrist is an aggrotech band created by frontman Andy LePlegua.  Ex Eighteen Visions drummer and renowned tattoo artist Trevor Friedrich and former Wednesday 13 drummer and Rockband 2 model Joe Letz are the extraordinary drummers while Z-Marr keeps everybody in line while tickling the electronic ivories and grooving their woes away.

I was fortunate enough to hang out with Combichrist backstage at the NorVa in Norfolk Virginia before their show.  We are lucky enough to listen to the stories from the roads which are personally the best stories you can ever listen too from musicians.  “Who’s a Dude?”  If you ever get a chance to talk with Joey just ask him that, you’ll be sure to get a laugh…or you’ll get hit on.  Either way, it’s a win-win situation.  Chances are very likely Trevor will be hiding behind a multimedia device of some sort whether it be his laptop or Blackberry but if you ever get the chance to check our his tattoo work you need to do so.  He’s an amazing tattoo artist and anybody who recieves a tattoo by him should really feel honored.  Z_Marr who is currently working on his side project the Pull Out Kings will go into great detail with his stories from the road or just his musical and art passions.  If you’re looking to have a intellectual conversation Z_Marr is the man to have it with.  If you want to hear hilarious stories from the road and other stories of great nonsense you need to talk with Joey.  Making light of any situation, he’ll truly make you laugh.  Although Andy was quite busy when we were with the band, he’s a real down to Earth guy who will take the time out to talk with you.  All four dudes are great to hang with.

On their second wave of tour dates with Julien-K, they offered several VIP packages where they would let fans hang out with them for an entire day almost.  Combichrist are real fan orientated and aren’t afraid to say that without their fans they wouldn’t be the great act they are.

Opening the show was ex Dope bassist and former Murderdolls guitarist Acey Slade with his glamour rock shenanigans. Opening up for Combichrist was Limp Bizkit’s guitarist Wes Borland’s band Black Light Burns. Both were great opening acts, and really got the crowd excited to the arrival of the aneurism inducing Combichrist.

The lights vanish while we were treated to a rockabilly cover of Nine Inch Nails “Closer.” The band frolics onto the stage and the madness begins.  With the heavy drums and groovy beats, the entire wave of sweaty people were moving to the beat while they’re ears were bleeding.  This is a good sign of a great show.  Breaking out all the singles, this was one of the best shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending.  Ofcourse, it isn’t a Combichrist show without several destroyed drums, hundreds of sweaty people and the one chick who still thinks it’s still cool to bring a green flashlight to the show and continue to wave it around as if Yoda had Parkinson’s.  I have a lot of pictures from the show and our photo shoot prior to the show that I will put up in this article as soon as they are accessible to me.  I just recently moved and have all my pictures on my other computer which hasn’t been set up yet.

If you’re in the L.A. area be sure to check out the amazing Tiger Army/Combichrist show at The Wiltern on October 23rd.