Busey Teaching Life Lessons!

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Busey Teaching Life Lessons!

Garey Busey has a lot to say, and he’ll say it just about anywhere. As you read in Royal Flush Book 5 Busey can actually make some sense, regardless of how much drugs and alcohol you’ve taken earlier that day.

Now, apparently either Busey was running out of places for people to pay attention to him or maybe THQ thought this was a great marketing ploy but he is apparently the spokesperson for the new game Saints Row 2. In this video we have Busey discussing his feelings on Chinese toys and parenting.

Here Busey gives us his opinion on Yo Mama Jokes and Tea Bagging.

Now, there are several more videos floating around cesspool known as YouTube. Take off your clothes, cover yourself in green Jello and have a ball learning from Busey. In all honestly, with these videos you really don’t need parents to teach you shit. Busey knows his shit. Thank you.

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