Bobaflex & Hydrovibe

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Bobaflex & Hydrovibe

Bobaflex headlined a badass show on October 29th, at Steppin Out in Virginia Beach along side several acts including L.A. based Hydrovibe and Virginia’s own Sekshun 8.  A great show with even greater people.  Better catch this tour when it’s in your neighborhood!

I can’t say how much I enjoyed the show I witnessed. I must add, there is nothing better than seeing bands you’ve never heard of melt your face off. Sadly though, some bands you can clearly go without seeing. I’m not here to bash bands though, I’m here to praise the ones that brought their A-Game. The night consisted of 6 bands but in all honesty only 3 of them are worth mentioning here.

Sekshun 8 opened this glorious night and as people were pouring in the door they kept us all entertained. They’re definitely a good rock band, not incredibly hard but full of energy, attitude and a great classic rock vibe, a step above mediocre.

If in Virginia and looking for a good band to drink to, Sekshun 8 is one of your best bets. I got to talk with these great guys after their set and they’re currently in talks with a couple of labels which is obviously great for these Virginia natives. Check them out at for updates on shows and their upcoming Virginia Beach CD release party.

I was not too into the next were three bands. Two of which were locals which brings tears to my eyes. The  third act (on tour with Bobaflex and Hydrovibe) also brought very little to the table. 2 singers screaming at each other, tossing nonsense into the crowd. Eh… not impressed. I’m no music Nazi but I do know what I like and these bands were not it. The highlight was that they went over their time on stage and had their mics cut. Totally brought a smile to my face.

Now for hottest band of the night. Not only was their music hot but so was Heather, their front man…err…front woman.

Hailing all the way from L.A. Hydrovibe brings an incredible mix of Fly Leaf and Kittie but they are not your typical female led rock band though. With their great single “Killer Inside” (featured on the Saw 3 soundtrack), Hydrovibe really put the exclamation point on their set. The highlight was their cover of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer”. I’ve heard several covers of this song but Hydrovibe really nailed it.

Heather made a deal with us that the more we got into it, the more she’d get into it which wasn’t bad at all. I expect to see this band on a headlining very soon. Check them out at and look for their new CD soon!

Now for the main event of the evening. Weighing in at 1000 pounds, all the way from Point Pleasant, West Virginia it’s Bobaflex! With their unique, powerful sound they closed a great evening of rock & roll.

I was able to talk to singer, Shaun McCoy before their set. We talked about their new tunes, old tunes and all of the great tunes in between. They are currently seeking a major label deal with some big names and they’ve been touring their asses off since their 2007 release of “Tales From Dirt Town.”

I also got the chance to hear their new unreleased song, “Bury Me With My Guns On.” A great story derived from a comic about a man who wants to be buried with his guns so he can shoot Satan when he gets to hell. It is a definitive epic with a quiet start and a great chorus.

The enthusiasm of every band member is amazing. It’s not too common that every member has the same emotion, the same attitude, the same amount of fun performing like Bobaflex does. And as for their fans, it is not rare to find them standing at the merch booth meeting and greeting. Truly dedicated. I’ve been a fan for some time and I can say you never see the same show twice.

You need to check these guys out, you will not be disappointed. Pick up their CD “Tales From Dirt Town” at and be sure to let me know what you think! For a preview visit them at

Be sure to check this tour out when they’re in your town. Please leave any comments below or email me at LilNubi@RoyalFlushMagazine.Com.