Batman’s True Identity Revealed…David Blaine? WTF…

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Batman’s True Identity Revealed…David Blaine?  WTF…

Impostor! This fellow is no Batman but on an interesting note, this famous street magician is none other than David Blaine, known also for his acts of endurance including playing dead in a plastic coffin under a 3 ton fish tank for a week. Why do we care? We didn’t…until now!

David Blaine’s next act of idiocy will be called the ‘Dive of Death’. It’s a lot less exciting than it sounds. Blaine will hang upside down for 3 days and 2 nights in the luxurious Central Park. He’ll basically be a human chandelier for all of New York to see, including the dealers, prostitutes and ex circus performers who normally live and/or conduct business in Central Park.

In my humble opinion there really seems to be very little entertainment to come from this. Hang him upside down for 3 days and 2 nights and force him to watch reruns of The Hills and now we’re talking! If this doesn’t work out we can always fill him with candy and let a bunch of Mexican kids beat him.

Some may believe he’s trying to be the real Batman, but we all know he’s no Bruce Wayne. Blaine will not be parading around in a tight, latex suit with the fake nipples anytime soon. I can neither confirm nor deny the allegation that he is hanging out with a teenage boy named Robin.

This act of lunacy which would normally get any of us normal folk tossed in a padded cell with a shock therapy regiment will be airing on September 24th. If any of your little rascal of children act up, watching this spectacle of a madman will be a great punishment so get your DVRs or Tivos ready!

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