A 1990s Return at Brooklyn Music Fest

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A 1990s Return at Brooklyn Music Fest

paulyshoreEverything you heard is true. Clueless just turned 20. Wait. There’s more. Pulp Fiction already hit the 21-year mark—and Dazed and Confused is nearly 22. What’s going on here? (Let’s take a moment to compose ourselves—at least those old enough to remember the ’90s, that is.) It all seemed so, like, yesterday, so how could the 1990s already be plummeting into the “classic” territory? Nevertheless, it was a decade when culture popped, and this September, the 90sFest in Brooklyn is going to bring everyone back to a time when Zack and Slater chronically chased Kelly Kapowski, Shannon Hoon swooned and Lisa Loeb was only hearing what she wanted. Let’s not forget that impending doom of Y2K.

On September 12, at 50 Kent in Williamsburg, the ’90s will return for one more day with performances by Blind Melon, Coolio, Lisa Loeb, Naughty by Nature, Smash Mouth, Tonic and New York cover band the Bayside Tigers. Hosted by everyone’s Bu-ddy Pauly Shore, from 1pm through 10, all will be transported back to flannel and “Too Legit” harem pants, when Reality Bites (another 21-year-old) spoke to us and some “grrrls” were riotus.

DJs wil90sfestl spin flashback tunes while old commercials, films, TV shows and music videos play on  big screens throughout the fest.

Comedian F*ckJerry will share funnies and giveaway prizes, and those who still have Los del Rio ringing in their ears and need a little swivel in their hips, can participate in the Guinness World Record for the largest group “Macarena” dance. A video game tournament with pixelated characters and other, near “classic” shenanigans will round out the ’90s festivites.

Produced with the support of New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn, tickets are $60-$85 (VIP, $100-$150), and proceeds from the 90sFest go toward helping maintain and further develop the Williamsburg Park.